First time Grow, Auto Flower Build

I currently have a 1.5 x 1.5 x 4 tent with a Yinatech 1200W LED grow light and a (4 inch) AC CLOUDLINE T4, in-line duct fam system with temperature and humidity controller as well as their 4 inch duct carbon filter.

I have auto seeds and want to grow 2 plants in 2 gal fabric pots.
For my pot I have

  • Pot Drain Saucer
  • Seed Germination Kit
  • Superb Soil
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Aeration Top Soil Mix
  • Coco Brick
  • Rooting Booster
  • Watering Can / Spray Bottle
  • Trimming Scissors

Will my light be too powerful? If so what watt range do you recommend? Or any other type of light you suggest?

Also if I am missing anything for a successful grow, could you please inform me?


Welcome! Sounds like you got a plan. not familiar with the light . Personally I would grow one plant in a 5 gallon fabric pot. You can easily fill that space with one plant. Just my thoughts good luck with your new venture.


I am interested in how two plants will thrive in your tent. I am new to growing my own and while possible for more than one plant, it seems to me that my 27"x27" x 5 ft is perfect for one plant. I bet Low Stress Training (LST) and topping the plant in veg will be critical in your size tent. My first attempt I did not top the plant, which is something I wish I would have done to achieve more of a bush appearance. The actual plant height is 29" plus the extra height of the 5 gal mesh bag, so that puts me at 40" total…now factor in the light and you can see, topping may be something you may want to do.

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Your light looks like a burple, if so, you wont have much success in flowering, if any. Otherwise set up looks good, and I agree with the others, 1 plant, you would be surprised on how much you can train them.

Oh, you will need a pH meter and ppm meter, and pH up and down.

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I agree with the space if you did one plant it would be fine, you can squeeze two but they will be confined so they will reflect in the yield. I would rather do one in that space especially if when u do two you come out with the same yield. Just a waste of a seed. Just my thoughts.

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Thank you for the information. I haven’t started the germination process I wanted to wait til my setup was complete. I’m considering swapping my light of for the MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED Grow Light. Any thoughts on this?

I actually ordered that light but before it shipped @Hellraiser advised against it and I cancelled before it shipped.

So I bought this.
VIVOSUN Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Air Cooled Reflector Kit -

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If you don’t mind could you explain to me the difference in the two

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The way it was explained to me was the light you are looking at is misleading on the actual wattage. The actual output is less than that those with actual wattage is like a hlg brand and the price of it reflects that. Like I had a 1000 watt led off Amazon to start with but the actual watts was 100. The can type any number in on watts if that is in the product name it’s not a lie its just misleading.

@SKORPION has it covered, I did the same thing, now about to start with the exact same lightning as scorpion.

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@Zee it’s a good light wish I could get a couple hlgs but it’s not in the budget. Eventually maybe.

In fact the guy to talk to about lights is @dbrn32

Same, after some successful grows, get the feel for it, maybe…

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I think I’m going to use your advice. One more question tho if I were to do the HLG lightening would one of these work? (my apologies for so many questions btw just wanted to try to get it done the done the best way)

Let’s see if I can find someone with a little more knowledge @Drinkslinger

I know there good I am just not familiar with the difference between models and uses. But both of those are way lower price than the 260 and 320 I have seen.

That light draws 200watts at the wall. You’re in a 1.5’x1.5’ tent. That’s 2.25 sq ft, requiring 50w/sq ft… so for that tent you need 112.5w of blurple lighting. Meaning that light would probably be overkill in such a small space. But… it does have a veg and bloom switch, so in theory you could just run one at a time.

The mars hydro ts600 pulls 100w. It’d be adequate for that tent.

But… if it were me I’d buy one of the hlg qbs. The 65w version might work, the 100w would be slightly more than you need. They run a bit cooler than blurple panels, as well as having much better efficacy.

If you can handle simple diy, there’s a thread on building a similar (to hlg) light using bridgelux strips for $100± It pulls 100w and you could probably get a driver with a built in dimmer.

You’ve already pinged dbrn32. Let’s see what he thinks…


@Tyty don’t hesitate to ask any questions if I am unsure or don’t know I have met people that will help.