First time Grow, Auto Flower Build

Perfect space to DIY with some eb gen3 slimline 340mm strips lol.

Hlg-100 works good here. If gen 1 qb kits are still $129 you could run one of those about 40% to veg and 80% or so to flower. I’m sure there are others too.


I did not see an automatic timer on your list unless you plan on 24/0 schedule. For autos most due 18/6 or 20/4 (is what I do).
If one plant, consider 3 or even 5 gallon pots.
I set my fabric pots on a riser inside the saucer so the entire surface is exposed to air

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I didn’t see the gen 1 qb kits. Do you recommend the hlg 100 over the hlg 65?

I have a timer and i think i might do the 18/6 light schedule. Is there a particular reason you chose the 20/4 light schedule instead?

It’s same design, hlg-100 larger board with more leds and larger driver. It’s more properly sized light if you plan to flower. If you were hust going to veg that space the hlg-65 would be plenty big enough.

Will i need anything else or would the hlg 100 suffice for all of the grow stages?

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If you can get 3000k or 3500k I would think you’ll be good until you want a larger space.


Mainly to pump up the light integral a little bit while still giving her some beauty sleep

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Thank you

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Starting the process today. I ended up going with a hlg 100v2 for lighting, a pot for pot kit, a ac infinity carbon filter and fan with an additional usb fan inside the tent. I’m going step by step using the directions provided by a pot for pot, however I do have a couple more questions. My temperature is staying consistent at 83-85 with my fan at 7(it is a 10 speed fan), is this temperature ok or should it be lowered and if so what is the best method. Also I adjusted the light above the soil to 12 inches is that ok and would I need a pot elevator?