Set up and number of plants

I have a quick question about number of plants in my set up.

300 W LED 132W actual
2x2 space
2 gallon pot

^ works fine with one plant but gets me one strain for the next 2 months.

Do you think i could do 2 or 3 plants in smaller pots in the same set up? Maybe half gallon to 3/4 gallon pots.

I would get smaller plants and smaller yields for each plant but overall i would get about the same wouldnt I?

but 2-3 different strains

2x2’ is a bit small for 2-3 plants. You could do it with photo period plants, if you only let them veg a short time. You might need a little more light for 3 plants to reap maximum benefits. The corners will be lacking.


thanks - im growing autos so they just flower when they want to but the smaller pot should keep the autos smaller no?

Yeah, but really, you should use 2 of that size light in that space


Everyone keeps saying this but I’m not sure how.

The one light is to hot the way it is and I already have a number of fans w exhaust tubing? Blowing the hot air out the window.

I guess I could adjust the height of my space to make it bigger which would cool it off some then I could look into a second Led or maybe just one new led that is 450W instead?

Do u think 450w led would work for 2 smaller yield autos?

2 300s won’t fit I don’t think.

Welcome to ILGM forum. This is a great place to get advise on growing. Look at the “Bud Of The Month” entries to see the success there is here growing.

2x2 is generally considered the size you would allow for one plant.

What is the height of the space and the size fans are you using in the 2x2 space? I ventilate my 2x4x5 ft tent with a 4" in line fan and have had no problems with heat with a bigger LED.

I would use a 3 gal pot (I prefer fabric pots, they work great) and let your plant maximize it’s yield. If you have too many plants, the yield will likely be the same because they will be crowding each other for light and even with another light they will block each other. Put in one plant and let it stretch is my motto and it has been keeping me happy. You can see nicer buds at the end also.

Just my observations. Hope it helps. Have a great grow. I’ll be around if you have any questions. Jerry :us: :man_farmer:

Thanks jerry

It is an IKEA wardrobe that is close to 8 ft tall and I just put a shelf in 24 in below the top of the closet. So there is plenty of space at the bottom to expand if need be.

Fans. I have the 2 exhaust fans on the light itself - these r weak.

I also bought a good online fan for exhaust not sure how strong it is though.

The 2x2 can’t get any bigger width or depth wise so it sounds like even if I get a bigger light there would still be issues with plants blocking other plants though like u said.

I guess I could just do one plant at a time like I’m doing now and just shoot for bigger yields/ smoke less/ or buy buds to supplement what I grow myself.

I grow in a 17x18x60 inch grow space and I got 3.5 oz out of my last grow in it. This is a link to it The Force is Strong in this one!. I had a Strawberry Kush that I had 13 colas in a 14 inch plant the previous grow that yielded 2.5 + oz.

I concentrated on yield and was pretty happy with the grows. :us::man_farmer:


Gonna save that link for later. Ty

2 gallon IS the smallest I would suggest. and only for a auto.
with your given situation, I would suggest you seek out strains that have one major big central cola: chronic and it’s variations would work. You might get three in that small space, but, it would be crowded.
OR…find someone who will trade a diff strain with you.


@erich If you do 2 autos in 2 gallon pots ( I recommend) and all I use now but you can get up to 4 oz a plant but you have to time it right ! I did 2 super skunk fem and way over filled a 2x2x4 tent and had 2-300 watt 196 actually watt each . You can do it but it is tight even with autos some take off and are 4+ feet tall and some stay short and stocky autos are fun for me because each one grows different but are so Unpredictable Where whenever you grow a feminized seed you can control and manipulate the plant more

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Thanks guys.

Think I’m just gonna try 2 2 gal pots next time and see what happens.

If it works cool, if not I start over with a new seed and lose a couple weeks.