Space is no longer an issue

so i am now using an entire room as heat became an issue but now space is not . how many auto ladys you think i can flower uder it without compromising quality? im using the enclosed hood with inline 6 inch fan exhausting to outside . and i can adjust my reflective material to any size

Do you mind if we back up and try to figure out if you cannot make the 36x36 tent work? You’re using a 600w HPS, right?

It’s just that you shouldn’t have huge heat problems, and if you have cold weather ahead you’ll be heating the neighborhood.

well it wasnt a tent it was a closet so to speak . but was restrictive etc . im allowed 6 flowering ladies so figured if i opened up the space i would try to see how many the light would actully handle . im using 5 gallon buckets " switching to cloth pots next go round" . just wasnt sure if 6 were too many for the light or if i should stick with 4

I tend to think about the min-max square foot coverage of a light, your 600w HPS will cover 42"x42" pretty well in flower. If you want to stunt your plants a little bit with training practices, you can fit 6 phtotoperiod plants into that space, but I think 4 plants is probably better. So much depends on the phenotypical expression.

You could stagger your autoflower plantings by weeks or months, but that means you’ll need to lift the small plants up to level with the tall ones. The advantage is that you’d have extra room if one plant decided to veg for 4 months. I’m going to assume you’re allowed to gift a plant to a friend if you do run out of space.

I’m not really in favor of autoflowers for your situation, unless light-proofing the space is too costly or impractical. They’re too unpredictable for my taste. However I might run a fast autoflower in the same space as my vegetative photoperiod plants. I’d keep 1-2 plants as a mother, and grow 4 clones with 1 auto for variety. It’s your project, not mine.

just trying to get a quick harvest or 2 so i have enough mediccation on hand to get me thru the long grow of a photo plant, thats why i chose autos. and as far as i know we cant gift anything to anyone except if i have more than my 3 month allotment on hand then the rest i believe is to be turned over to either mmmp or the local dispensary

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Did you get a satisfactory answer to your original question? 4 plants, IMHO.

yes sir and ty

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