Professional opinion?

Curious about opinions. I have 5 auto blue dream going in a 2x2. Right now the seedlings are under my viparspectra xs1500, true wattage 150. When flowering begins I am thinking of putting in my viparspectra 600w , 275w at the wall. I know the math of watts per square foot says this light is too much for that space, but I have seen and read others running hps 450s and 600s. Do you think mine would be too much or that equation of watts per square ft more of a guideline? Thank you in advance, I look forward to conversing with you .


Not to much I have HLG 260 in my 2x2 I just don’t have to turn it up past 60% the problem your going to have is running that many plants in a 2x2 1 or maybe 2 plants is the most I would try to bring to harvest


I should have mentioned in addition to being autos they are in 1 gallon pots so I think they should be manageable for space. It’s nice to see somebody running a similar output . I don’t think my Xs1500 will produce as good?

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Agree with @dirtydave. I’ve tried to stuff every grow space full and always end up removing several to successfully take it to harvest.

:point_up_2: this is one Sour D in a 1 gallon pot in a 2 x 2 :love_you_gesture:


Nice canopy. I’m trying to shoot for an SOG setup without crazy lateral branching. Makes it a little easier with the auto given it’s lifespan. So you don’t surmise that the viparspectra 600 will cook them?

I used a HLG320 in a 2x4 with 2 plants with alot of LST I ran 330w in later flower with no ill effects. 5 Blue Dreams in a 2x2 I can’t see that working out that good but stranger things has happened. I grew 2 BD’S autos in a 32x60 they filled the tent wall to wall. Good Luck Keep EM Growing


I agree. Too many plants for a 2x2. I have one GG4 auto in a 2x4 and it is wall to wall after heavy LST and SCROG.

My second grow and I’m far from a professional but enough just to have an opinion.


You guys are all great. Here’s what I’m shooting for.


Welcome to the community , five plants in a 2x2 is going to be tight. Your vipar 600 light in the 2x2 will do fine.
Good luck :v:


I wouldnt attempt more than 1 auto in a 2x2 maybe 2 autos max. I’ve filled a 4’x4’ with 2 Autos before.

Also the pics of the weed you posted is not how weed grows under normal conditions. That looks more like someone took colas off a plant and stuck em in dirt for a picture. Blue Dream is going to get really bushy and tall with tons of side branches.


They’re SOG grows on photoperiods that were put into flower at three weeks in small plants which limited side branching. I may have bit off more than I could chew with this space lol. I suppose I’ll have to wait and see. I don’t have any more room to relocate at this point. Hopefully these genetics will flower before week …4 . Before they get too tall. I’ll have to lightly lst to keep them low. Haha this ought to be an adventure.

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It’s been my experience when I’ve tried single cola plants that the more side branching I cut off, the faster the main stem grows upwards! The energy has to go somewhere, and when you only have one main stalk it gets all of it.


Now you have my interest! Any pics ?

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I’ll have to dig way back in time, but yeah, I’m sure I have some. I’ll look in a little bit.

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@Cap_Ron that’s not advisable with autos though , correct?

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@tumescent85, I’d say it’s fine once you’ve grown autos for a while. It was an experiment for me at the time. Instead of doing a few full size plants like normal I tried stuffing in as many as I could in little 1 gal fabric pots and just kept cutting off branches to try and keep them single colas.

@TLC, these are some pics, sorry I couldn’t find better ones, it was many years ago. They were all autos, mostly Strawberry Cheesecake from Seedsman and Girlscout Cookies from Lineage Genetics. The one ridiculously tall one literally got 6’ 10" and I had no choice but to toss her because there was no light she could fit under. Several of them stayed reasonable, and a few others shot up, just not as bad as the insane one.
Overall, the harvest was a little below what I would have expected from a couple of full size plants, so I certainly didn’t gain anything but some experience, and it was a royal pain in the ass taking care of so many little plants!



I hear ya brother! Height is a issue. I don’t see that working for me. Appericiate the pics.

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One gal. pots that has to involve alot of watering. The best I can do in 5gal bags is every other day.

@Cap_Ron thank you for the pictures , man that is a big help. You did not experience any issues with stunting growth on those autos with all the cutting apparently. I am concerned with my zealousness at this point. Had they been photos , a three week veg to flower would have been better for that number and limiting side branching. Will that level of trimming on autos create a situation where even though the plants flowering is disrupted the vertical grow is not? I am curious how they got that big with all that stress?

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One of the things with autos is that some strains/genetics can barely handle any high stress training at all and might be prone to stunting, while many others can not only handle topping and super cropping, but seem to thrive from it. In general, I can say that I’ve never stunted an ILGM auto, and all the ones I’ve grown from them (GSCE, Gorilla Glue, Zkittlez, Wedding Cake, Banana Kush, GDP, and Bruce Banner) have handled training very well.
Those ones I tried to keep single colas reacted very differently. The few that stayed squat were treated the exact same way as the ones that shot up really tall, so I have to assume their genetics played a role in how they reacted to having so many branches cut off.
Overall, you’re always taking somewhat of a chance when you do anything extreme with an auto, but in my experience people definitely exaggerate the risks. I’ve tried pretty much everything over the years and I’ve only f#$k@d up 4 autos out of couple hundred.