I decided to go with these lights

I am going with two of them for a 4x4 space. Is this over kill or just enough?

During the first stages of my autos, should I use just one until they start to flower and then bring in the 2nd?

And help advice would be great. A few of you know that I’m a newbie, and can ask alot of questions lol.

I’m not a pro so don’t take it as gospel but I’m guessing it would depend on how full your tent is and the foot print of the lights. Will one light spread out enough to cover all the plants?

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They say that one light will cover 3x4 in veg and 2x4 in flower.

One option is to hang both and dim them to cover the 4x4tent. If the tents not full your probably ok with one for starters.


Used 2 of these same lights on my first grow last year in a 4 x 4 grow room. Had 5 autoflowers in 5 gal. pots. Walls all painted flat white. Started out with one light for first 3 weeks and then switched on second. Used spider farmer recommended heights for different stages of growth. Grew Jack Herer, OG Kush and Bubblegum. Yield average was 3.5 oz./ plant. I am a newbie too but was satisfied with this grow for a first timer. I did hang a small fan over each light to keep them cool and have read that doing this makes them last longer. Good luck.


I appreciate the insight. Exactly what kind of information I was looking for. I’m doing almost the exact same set up as you but im in a tent.

Do any of you auto growers transplant? Or just throw it in the pot that it will finish in?

They say not to transplant. I’m in the middle of my first grow and didn’t read the instructions, so I put them in little peat pots, then transplanted to 2 gallon pots and again to 5 gallon after a month when I realized their water needs probably wouldn’t be met in the 2 gallon. Both plants made it and 1 is flowering nicely with the other a week or 2 behind.

But I switched to the sprout to 5 gallon pot for my second batch of 2. I’m not terribly happy with the result, I lost a couple seedlings. But they are going now.

Not sure what I will do next time if I do auto’s again.

I recommend potting up from a smaller vessel simply for water management. A careful transplant won’t affect autos.


One of my mistakes on my first grow was filling up the 5 gal. pots with my mix and not packing it down or prewatering it. I went from peat pellets directly to pot and just watered around the seedling for the first 2 or 3 weeks. When I started watering the whole pot my soil settled about 2 inches. So I might have had a 5 gallon pot but was only using 4 gallons of soil. This time I am packing the soil and am going to prewater a few days before planting and keep it warm to get the microbes going and make sure the pot is full. No input on the transplanting recommendations. I lost one seedling from transplant of peat pellet and am going from paper towel directly to pot this time.


When you say packing it down, how much are we talking about exactly? I generally hear that you want the soil somewhat loose.

So collectively, to transplant or not to transplant. I may do half and half to see how they react.

I start out in 4 inch starter pots and transplant to my 10 gallon fabric pots when the roots are too big for the starter pots,probably 1-2 weeks,and water sparingly until they take off.

Just firmly pressed down. With 75% Fox Farms Ocean Forest, 20% compost and 5% perlite it is still pretty loose. Last year when I had my screw up someone on this board suggested wetting it down somewhat as I mixed it. I guess to be safe you could just fill the pots and water them well and let them settle and then refill to top before transplanting. I know when I harvested it looked like there was a pot full of roots and they could have used a little more room.

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