Light help we're scheduling one grow room two light schedules

I need your HELP ! I HAVE 2 SATIVA PLANTS IN FLOWER ON 12/12 LIGHTS OK . ABOUT 2 to 3 weeks to go . What would happen if I put them on a 18 / 6 light schedule? I have 25 sativa plants ready Just out of germinating ready for veggie I know I can’t put them on 12/12 so what will happen if I go the other way 18/6 anybody know what will happen ! To the 2 plants flowering will they keep budding ?

If plants aren’t clones you absolutely can run them at 12/12. Running 18/6 just before harvest is not a good idea.


The problem is I have 25 plants ready for virgin just out of germinating let me show you the stage the flowering ones are in

What would it do to my 25 sativa plants if they were put on a 12/12 light for a week or 2
You’re not mature enough to throw in the flower are they ? Considering the only three or four days old thanks so much for your help


Couple weeks of 12/12 is fine they won’t become sexual till 3 to 5 weeks old, going to 18 on your flowering girls will cause them to reveg not good stay 12/12 good luck man :+1:


Correct! Although the plants you have pictured appear to be more than a couple weeks from finishing. I would guess at least a month, maybe longer if true sativa? Not very good planning.

I would start thinking about just running your 25 new plants on 12/12 from start to finish.


Your pistils still look mostly white. I would think you have 4 to 6 weeks to go.

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Yes your right about 4 to 6 weeks left ! All and All my friends it sounds like your all telling me the same . Good I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the information you all gave me ! You all were a lot of Help ! Thanks for your help!

That’s what I was thinking.i grew 6 plants of autoflower for a friend in the middle of a grow
I had 2 extra seeds I was thinking were autos to well I was wrong. So that’s why I have the problem. Nice to help out a friend. But it’s a lot of work and he was very happy. But can’t afford to do that again. And didn’t even get a thanks ! LoL . Live and learn ! I do appreciate your time and help Thank you so much !

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If I do run them 12/12 all the way will they get big enough to get a decent harvest ? There are photos . 4 to 6 weeks you think I could put them then on a 18/6 ? That might take a little longer to finish . But in the end you think I would come out in the long run ? You I want to Thank you for your help this kind of help you all give me is priceless ! And I can’t thank you enough !

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If your young plants are still in veg when these flowering plants are harvested you can switch them to 18/6 and veg them longer if you would like. But if the young plants have started to flower and you move them to 18/6 will stunt them and cause to go back into veg. I wouldn’t do this.