12/12 from seed going to 18/6 after a week

Hi I am newbie. I am flowering at the mo and dropped a seed prematurely. I decided to do a 12/12 from seed but for timings sake can I after a week and have a veg room again I want to then veg at 18/6. Is this possible and what are my time limits thanks. It’s a do so dos Skittles cross. Under 600 hps canna line 20 off 27°on

Id leave the one in flower alone if its flowering. Ull have it like a bipolar plant if u switch times now. Alot of work also revegging plants alot of time and loght power. Might just be easier to finosh the one out and veg the rest good.

You can move a plant that’s a week old from 12/12 to 18/6 no problem. I agree would leave flowering plants on 12/12.