Would it hurt From 12/12veg to 18/6 Veg Any Answers?

Would it hurt from 12/12 to go to 18/6 on veg on A Feminized??? Any Questions??

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If your doing 12/12 it will trigger flowering. You can indeed switch to 18/6 but its going to take some time to revert back to veg. Of course this all depends on how long you had 12/12 going. If its not flowering then your all set. Just expect some faster growth.


One of them Has Already flowered, please let me know whats up, well Appreciated :pray: :100: but I switched them back to 18/6

I will take some time to revert. Its going to look really strange so just be weary of that.

They have been in their 40 days today

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Alright thanks man well Appreciated seriously

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Is there a reason why you want to change back?

Edit: or should I say why lol

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Longer Veg , I accidentally gave them 12/12 and Their pretty short and Flowering. So im Trying to correct it as best as I could but I also Fed them A couple Times with bloom Khaos By nector of the gods!

Oh I see, is there any lower foliage?

I’m not sure if your into cloning but you could take clones and perhaps save yourself time. If you had no seeds left or didn’t want to chance them not rooting i could understand why you want to go back. I am curious on the stages of it reverting. Here is info on on taking clones from flower.

Yes their is Lower Foliage looks like it will flower, and I am curious to but it only Had 12/12 veg light for month and I just switched it to 18/6 yesterday. Still vegging.

Yeah just let it do its thing it will work out I’m sure.

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