Photoperiod Question

I am a new grower. I germinated 2 strains of Cannabis seeds (Blueberry & Extreme Haze) in late November, 2018. I made the mistake of giving them 12/12 of light/dark when I should have been giving them 24/0 or 18/6. Half of them turned out to be males, so I separated them from the females. The females haven’t flowered yet. We’ll 1 plant is in the pre-flowering phase. Should I change the light cycle to 18/6? Or should I keep it at 12/12? I don’t want to stress my plants. They look really healthy.

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@Purple1 the plant on the left has full blown pistils. That one is too far into flower to turn back.
The others you can turn back to 18/6 if you have a separate veg space. If you do not have a separate veg space, then the best I can offer is to continue the 12/12 schedule and let them ride. Some growers do seed to finish with 12/12. So it’s not uncommon especially attempting to keep a smaller plant.


Thank you very much. I’ll probably just keep them at 12/12 then. Next time I’ll try 18/6 just to see the difference.


When you start out at 18/6, they’ll get significantly larger, you offset the size with adequate lighting, and a little slower turn around time. When you veg for a bit longer, you typically get a larger yield. @Purple1


Good to know. Thank you.