Flowering too early

Hey everyone, novice grower here thank you in advance. Question is my plants seem to have gone into flowering early on me, accidentally had my lights set to 14 hours. What should I do now? Go to a 16 hour cycle or just go to 12 and hope for a decent yield? The plant is about 3-4 ft tall now.

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Don’t mess with it anymore . Leave it on the 12/12 schedule and let it continue to flower unless you want to stress it and make it hermie.

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If that were mine I would go to 12/12 and enjoy a nice early harvest!:slight_smile: -best wishes


Awesome that’s what I was worried about. Looks like an early harvest. Thanx :grinning:

I’m also a novice. This is only my second attempt. First 1 failed…

My ‘Alien Apparition’ seems to be developing pistils but the plant doesn’t look mature. She still looks pretty young & bare (see pic below), even though she’s a sativa.

She’s growing in all organic cannabis soil (worm castings, bat guano, perlite, lime, labs, Alaskan peat moss, etc.). She also gets Fox Farms Big Bloom organic fertilizer every other watering (4 tablespoons for 1 gallon of water).

I’m not exactly sure how she was when I got her, but she is roughly in Veg Week 8-10. She gets roughly 3-4 hours of direct southern daylight and 3-4 hours of indirect light.