Just need some curing reassurance

Ok so i put my premature bud and a hydrometer in a wide mouth mason jar and closed the lid. Its been air drying for a week. Jars just got here. So i put it in a dark closet, and 2 times a day for the 1st week, i will take the lid off the jar for a few minutes and close it again.

Right now its at 77% humidity, but since i just put it in the jar, i will wait a few hours, and then check humidity. If its too high, i can leave it open for a couple hours or add a desiccant pack, and if its too low ill add a boveda 62% humidity pack.

Im assuming if after i add either packs, if it swings the other way too much, i remove them.

Does this all sound right? Any tips anyone would like to share?

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When I used jars, I would just burp them once a day if high. If low, I threw a few fan leaves in there to bring it up. I don’t like boveda packs, they leave a weird taste. 77% is way high, watch for mold. You might want to actually mix up the buds to prevent mold.


If the rH is 77% in a jar that has been sealed for a several hours, I would take the buds out, spread them out and let them air dry more. I think that level of humidity is too high to safely lower using normal burp and air exchange procedures. Once it is in the 65%+_ range normal burping should be able to get it to the desired rH.


Im an idiot…just realized i was reading it wrong…77 was the temp smh its 46% humidity. Also its just a couple buds from a branch that broke off, and i still have them on their stem. This is kind of like a trial run for the main harvest.


To follow up on Beardless, You could also throw them in a paper bag from the grocery store for a few days to bring them down.

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Im an idiot…77 was temp. 46 is humidity. Posted a pic in thread lol

Lol all good!! Bring it up by throwing some leaves in there. I like doing it naturally personally. Just change out the leaves every few days and monitor the RH.

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Ok ill do that then. Thanks man!

No worries, leaves brings the RH up slowly and preserves the terpenes.


Awesome. If this works i can return these humidity packs, so that would be great lol. Does throwing leaves in there work when theres a lot if bud in the jars too?

You don’t really want to pack the buds in there, that can cause mold. I leave about 2 fingers from the top of the jar, just drop the buds in there, but don’t press them in. The goal is to have airflow throughout the jar. But to answer your question, will it work if packed in…yes…not ideal at all due to mold.

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I do the same thing.


Works great and better than just tossing them during defoliation lol.

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Its a great idea…i threw 2 medium sized leaves in there. How long do they last for? I guess i just keep them in until humdity starts dropping and then put fresh ones in there?

Until they start to wilt up really bad, 3 days or so.


Thanks man! This bud is so wierd…it smells like grass or vegetables, but i just sniffed the jar and it smells like a good tea lol when i light it up it smells and tastes exactly like mj though. I know its just the chlorophyll leaching out, but its so wierd i been smoking weed for almost 30 years off and on and i had no idea it could ever smell like anything else

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That worked too well…i just checked and its up to 85% now. Ill experiment some but at least i know it works

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At the time we had this conversatiom, i removed both leaves to get the humidity down and its stayed between 58 and 62% with no assistance. Is this normal?

yup sounds good to me. You might want to check out Grove Bags. Jars are bulky and you have to burp them daily for a month. Grove bags you don’t. They hold the RH at 62%.

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Alright thanks. Ill check them out. Definitely going to need something more because theres no way im fitting both my plants into the 4 jars i got.

I dont know if its because this bud is 3 to 4 weeks early or what, but it just seems so different compared to the way bud ive bought has felt.

Tonight or tomorrow morning im going to be pulling a few buds, because id like to sample the plant every week or so from here on out, plus im going to do a trial cannabutter run. Would like to have the kinks worked out before i start trying to make a finished quality product. If its cool with you im going to tag you in a thread ill be making on several buds trichomes to pick the best ones to cut.