Curing weed in jars with humidity packs

So I’m done with drying and beginning the curing process and I’m trying to figure out what humidity is good to cure at. Going with the jars because i got em. And i have 55% two way humidity packs. I’ve had these lying around for about a year.
I put a meter inside the jar so i can monitor temp n hum. The meter says it’s 72°f and 41% humidity in the jar right now with the packet in there. I got the jar in a drawer so no light is hitting it. Not sure if I’m doing this right or not. Only been 1 day. No bad smells. Not sure if i waiting to long during the drying time. I waited until i could hear the crack when bending the stem. Not completely dry but not too wet. Idk. What do you guys think?


I use the 58% if they are too moist and the 63% if they are too dry. I used to use mason jars but recently switched to Grove Bags and I love them! No more burping!

If I have fresh fan leaves and it’s too dry, I’ll stick one in with the weed until the humidity comes up but then take it out as soon as it’s up.

Smell with come with cure. A minimum of 2-3 months… but I’ve had some still curing for almost a year. Just keep watching the humidity and change out those packs when they start to feel crunchy. Burp a few times a day


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Agreed on the Grove Bags.


Grove bags are great. Rh for curing should be 59 to 64 %

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Grove bags…:heart_eyes::star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I like mine a little cooler 50 to 65 no warmer.
I don’t use humidity bags. Like my humidity between 50 to 65. Not to anal about it. I go more by feel of the bud than anything else.
Burp 3 to 5 times a day for first 3 to five days.
Then once a day for maybe a month.
When they start feeling done i switch to small vavuum sealed jars for long term storage.