Any advice in curing?

Once you have put your buds in mason jars whats the ideal humidity do you want your jars?and how often and how long do you open them up?Also I’ve seen Bovada humidity packs (sorry about the spelling )are those recommended to use how full would you wanna fill each jar? Thanks for everyone’s help and advice in advance first time grower!!

I can’t give much advice on curing in jars or curing in general it’s my first year also. But I went with grove bags instead of jars. You should check them out. There also affordable.

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58-62% , 15 mins twice a day 1st week, one a day for 3 weeks, once a week for a month, once a Month forever, boveda pack kinda mess up terps so we try to avoid them you’re better off rehydration with orange peel or fresh leaves, leave just enough up top that you can give them a gentle shake and release any trapped air, and I agree Grove bags are superior


I ¾ fill my jars and put a hygrometer in there. I’m looking for a stable 62%. Too high and I open the jar to let them breathe. If they go really high i will take them out and dry for a touch longer before rejarring them. Too low and I mist the inside of the lid or stick a fan leaf in there before closing up again

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I use the boveda packs for storage so I don’t put them in until after the second week I use the 62% just because they were the only ones they made different for weed until just recently they changed the 58% so they are also formulated special for weed I guess they got enough requests for a little dryer humidity.
As for burping I do twice daily for a week then once daily for the next week… twice the next week then they’re ready for long term storage and I’ve had weed last a couple years as long as you keep it cool n dark
Here’s a little picture for your tool box

Look ive used those humidity packs i dont like them i find they dry ur smoke to much when curing and the humidity level u should be working towards is 52%-62% you burp ur jars three times daily for about five minutes at a time i hope that helps also u can watch on YouTube on how to do it aswell

You’ll get a feel for burping daily. There is no set time for lids off during the day. Everyone’s environment differs. Don’t be to worried and give yourself a headache. And keep your hands out the jar till they cure😉
Welcome to the best finish line :metal::muscle:

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Oh yeah #1 best ever advice on curing…keep your hands out the cookie jar😉 you’ll thank me later

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