Is this normal or what?

Is it normal for her to be so tall or to have such space between her buds? She should fill out, right?

insufficient light will cause that , or sativa dominant genetics


Does look like light stretch


Will the buds fill out?:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

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What light are you using??


What about something like this?

I’m using the TS1000 as well for my first grow, and just added a second one since mine have exploded. All of mine have grown pretty tight node spacing. I have nothing to compare it to, but that light is crazy bright. I’ve tried to cut it up to 100% a couple of times, but have ended up dimming it back to 75% both times cause mine have not responded well to that intensity of light. I’ve kept mine at about 20" through veg, and lowered it to 14"-16" since I switched to 12/12. Could be like piney said…just sativa dominant genes maybe.

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How high do you have you had your light above your plant


@dbrn32 is the light guy here. He should ck in soon.

Like 18 inches at 100%

Keep taking care of her the buds will fill out. You could possibly lower the light a little bit to minimize stretch .
Good luck

What if I drop the light down lower to the tops and lower the wattage so they don’t burn?

Should I lower the watts if I drop the lights to avoid burning them?

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I would not lower the watts , lower light two inchs put your hand at the top of the plant for a minute if your hand gets hot then the light to close.

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Sweet thanks!

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Are you using the ts1000 and the fluorescent? What is the area of the grow space?

4 foot by 2 foot

Imo ts1000 too small to flower a 2x4, you would want like 3 of them.

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