Why are my plants so short, and why are my buds so small?

Curious why my plants are so short and buds are so small??? I’m using 600r hlg light in an ax infinity tent with in-line fan/ oscillating fan for upper canopy the works, also humidifier as well… I have currently been low stress training my plants, and giving proper nutrients once a week… lolly poped aswell… growing blackberry kush and Bruce banner. Also using advanced nutrients


Are they auto’s?They do their own thing.Grow photos for better control of size.
Btw you still have time for the buds to fatten up.

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Welcome to the community @Growbud

Remember indica dominant grown more short that sativa dominant

Like @BigItch said auto do they thing went they want, photos you control all

I growing autos i can said that i grown sativa in 2 gl pots and grown 4ft tall
In indica 2gl pot like 2 1/2 ft tall

Happy growing :green_heart::metal:

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Be careful not to dox yourself. You have your ID in the pictures.


If they photo run 18/6 or 20/4

Looking pretty field, nice plants and setup :+1::metal::green_heart:

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How do I edit post


This girls was sour diesel autoflower
60% sativa 40% indica


Love these lights so far for veg, they were only like 100 per, 100r hlg… still looking for a more sufficient veg light any recommendations?

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Damn man sickkkkkkk that’s crazy

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I run 100w in my tent, i just add 15w light for sprout seed and seedlings

You light is perfect for veg and flowering stage


This was my first grow ever and it was a GSC auto from ILGM

This is my GG4 auto now


@Growbud thanks man :joy:

And was frosty af :joy::joy::yum::yum::yum::yum:


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@Growbud, they look good, I think if you let them become bigger plants before flowering you’ll get more bud.

Do you have 2 tents? I like to veg in the one tent, and flower in the other. I find that if I’m vegging my plants for the next round, for the entire 8-12 weeks the flower tent is occupied, I end up with pretty big plants. I can really only fit 2 in my 5x5.

Week 3 flower