Are these going to be too tall? :c

  1. Indoor grow, 2x4
  2. Seed are from a bank.
  3. Autoflower
  4. I use tap left out overnight.
  5. 5.8 ph res. 5.8+ refills (trends down daily a tiny bit)
  6. Grown in full hydro
  7. GH trio, calmag. Orca
  8. 2x 100w led
  9. 80-90 day, -10 at night typically.
  10. Humidity is about 60. AC infinity VPD setup
  11. AC infinity humidifier
  12. 4" out, 4"in ventilation
  13. No co2
  14. First grow
  15. Budget?
  16. DWC hydro

16b. 5 gallon bucket, 3.5 useable,

As the title says, is my plant too tall? I am having trouble flattening it any further in the space I have. I am in week 7 from sprouting. 6 from first leaves.

Silver thing at bottom of first pic is insulation around hydro bucket.


Blueberry kush auto. I think. Tent setup and seeds were purchased off Craigslist.

EC usually comes out to 1.6, often down to 1.0 or lower mid week, so I have been adding a lower dose of more of the weekly GH mix occasionally with watering.
Watering a gallon a day.


Id prefer more head room, depending on her genetics it looks like she could reach those lights to me. How long in flower? Is the 80-90 the temp? Good looking plant congrats on that. Id defoliate her


I couldn’t tell if those were in preflower or not but they’ll double in size during the street. I would definitely thin the middle out for light penetration and air flow :love_you_gesture:


Thank you, I am very much enjoying the hobby so far.

Yes that is temp. Typically low 80. 90 recently. Wife is insisting on AC so that will go down. I have been adding A LOT of orca after catching root rot super early and housing it down with orca fixed it. 15ml in a res change.
I am unsure how long she has been flowering as I wasn’t able to read the signs without more recent research. Just starting to form hairs.


I think I am a week into preflower. That is my best guess at when the bright green spots started and I had sex on nodes.

Double as in the plant height? :frowning:


Double and then some in height :love_you_gesture:


Defoliation wise, I just removed a lot of colored, rusted, checked, damaged, etc. Leaves recently but have trouble removing green ones.

As it’s recommended twice over now I will do more. Ty

This causes me stress…

Is there anything I can “do”? Or just prepare for the last half out of tent?

There is a timer on my replies.


No need Grow Bro, most importantly they’re very healthy and vibrant :muscle:. I would remove all growth 4-6” above the pot and selectively clean the middle up so that air will pass through, this will also expose all those future bud sites to the light :love_you_gesture:


Im impressed. Very good job so far. The other guys have you covered :slight_smile: keep on growin on!


Dadgum. While you can, I’d move the fan/filter out of the tent and use it as a vacuum sucking air out. Maybe start supercropping. That is a beast!!!


Probably gonna get into lights! Looking good.


Does this help? As I read a different feed chart than before I was already giving them equal parts in preflower nutrient wise so I just switched over to flower nutrients in today’s reservoir swap. Hopefully it is near enough.

“remove all growth 4-6” above the pot”
Did so, and a very minor going over on top.


Ty for the fan move suggestion, didn’t even think of that. It let shuffle the lights around a bit more as well.


I cut the bottom out of the tent and put some cardboard boxes under the pipe frame. Good to go.

Good thing they’re autos! Raising tent will let light in, that would not work for photos. Don’t be afraid to take a few fan leaves here and there, you’ll gain more from the extra light than you will ever lose from taking a few leaves! They have to breathe too many leaves suffocates them and makes mold and bud rot more likely! Me and ole @OGIncognito aint afraid to give them a haircut! Lol


Oh for sure. :smiley:
But this one is turning out super well, and I have 5 or so more seeds for it, so I’d rather do what I need to now to grow it for a bit, then buy another tent in the future that actually fits plants. Can’t believe I was considering an even smaller one.

I’ll do some youtubeing to build confidence and get a few more off. It is a bit bushy up top…


@Growdoc and ole @OGIncognito aint afraid to give them a haircut! Lol

Is this enough?


To the community , Plants look healthy definitely a tent full. You might consider taking a few leafs out of the middle of the plants to create a bit more air flow.


More!?! XD