Are my buds small? First timer

Just checking to see if my buds are average size or as I feel like they’re on the small side and the trichs are starting to brown on the tips.
These are Blue Berry Auto put in dirt on 5/2. 1600-1000wt Gal Hydro. On a 12-12 schedule. Been giving them Bergmams nutes at watering about every 2-3 days. Any suggestions or corrections I should make to get bigger buds. ! This is my first grow. 15936611233251291868551192020684|281x500

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You’ve got quite a way to go.

Many people put autos on an 18/6 schedule.


I agree with drinkslanger , more light on time due to the burple

these are at 10 weeks on Saturday

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How did you get your plants so big? I’m at 10weeks now.

starting on week 11.

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Not sure probably has to do with my light

@Diva- I dont know what kind of light that is, but I agree with the others. A better light will help you. There are many factors in getting big buds from your plants. Good soil, water, nutrients, and training techniques are all needed. Your pH levels are very important. A TDS meter will be able to tell you if she is getting enough to eat (or too much).Your leaves in the pictures have some brown tips , which could be a nutrient issue. Let’s see if we can get you some help. I am a little new so I am going to tag in some folks who can help. One thing I forgot to say is that autos tend to be smaller plants in general, but there are some people that get good results. Your girls look like they are doing pretty good overall. Good luck! @Covertgrower and @Myfriendis410, could you please address Diva’s concerns? Thanks!

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@Diva ph water , marijuana friendly soil, and good lights. I don’t do liquid nutes (only organics) and compost tea and I just started the teas. this my week 7

I think this is the single most important factor. @Diva


Definitely want to have a good light

16 week old jack auto


I see you grew a jack auto. I have one on day 76 right now that has no sign of flower yet. Just beginning to show pistils. Did yours take forever?

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This one is still going, looking like atleast 20 weeks from seed

Your plants are beautiful! How do you get them to have so many colas? I’ve only learned how to cut top off and create 3. I’m also trying LST.

I topped at the 6th node and cut off the branches that wasn’t keeping up

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Ok i typed at 5th node of center stalk. Do you top at 5th node of all branches?

Just the main cola , if you top again it would double your stalks , maybe that’s what you want

More time under lights, add some white light, even 2 14 watt standard led light bulbs will help, one cool one warm. It will help with the flowering and build bulk which your plants lacking right now. Ton of pistols though, you can expect 6 to 8 weeks before it’s done from where you are at now. Hope it gets better for you.

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