New grower, unknown issue

*Started with walmart grow lights 20w just to have something. Now upgraded for flowering.

*worm casing soil mixed with better homes and garden organic soil

*mixed well water with NPK-10 Nutrients

*unsure what strain

*lots of variables I know but just trying to see if I can adjust or fix issues if any…

*Milar backing for reflectiveness

I had the lights on 19/5 for 3months roughly and for the past 3weeks have started 12/12. I’m not sure if I switched the light to soon, should I have both switches on for veg and bloom?
My issue is that after seeing everyone else’s plants mine seams small/ thin steamed and not as full. Do the fan leaves really make that big of a difference? And because it has thin leaves (indica) and others are sativa, does that make the big difference.
I can only use indica dom/ only. Sativa is not the right strain for me.

Just purchased a 1kw grow light and added bone meal to soil. Had to take lower fan leaves office to yellowing and drooping in beginning stages due to over watering and over fertilizing. Got it under control now. But still unsure if I’m doing something wrong.


Definitely looks sativa dominant. She’s stretchy due to lack of light.


Welcome to the community !Okay considering a Walmart 20 watt light bulb I guess you’re doing pretty good. Plant has stretched a lot due to lack of light. You might consider looking at (Horticulture Lighting Group) to upgrade your lights. If possible fill out the support ticket an size of your grow space lots of people here will help you to choose the Right light to fit your budget.


Room is 6’5"x3’1"x3’5" still need to make a proper door, current one is a slatted closet door

Plant is currently 3’6" tall and base is 1’6" wide

Humidity is 57%/44%
Temp ranges 72°/65°

5gal pulent cloth potter

Picture of new light specs. Balling on a tight budget.

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Tie your plant down with some string or something expose more of the nodes to light. You can see the pistols starting, she will be starting to bulk up soon. It’ll be atleast 60 days untill shes ready to start checking trichomes. A more expensive light will always yield more than a cheap one. Spend the extra money get a good quality light it will make a huge difference

  • What strain
    •unknown indica

  • Method:
    •Organic, light and fluffy soil from lowes mixed with worm casings soil

  • Vessels:
    •Pulent 5gallon fabric pot

  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
    •Well water unknown

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
    • PKN 10/10/10
    •bone meal

  • Indoor or Outdoor
    •indoor grow room dimensions above

  • Light system
    •Also above

  • Temps; Day, Night

  • Humidity; Day, Night

  • Ventilation system;
    •small clip on fan

  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier-
    •Small space heater with water jar near for moisture

  • Co2;
    • No

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FYI, that is a 105 watt light. Many people have been misled by the advertisements on Amazon…


Will it work until I can afford the right one? Funds are a little tight at the moment. Thought I was getting a good deal on this one :frowning: :crying_cat_face: :sob:

It will be just barely enough for one plant. It should work fairly well during the vegetative state, but will be lacking during flowering. It will grow weed - just not a lot of weed.
I noticed above you said your grow room is 6’5" x 3’1" x 3’5"
If you tell us which dimensions are which (e.g. l x w x h) we can help you choose an optimal light (or lights) for a future upgrade.


It’s in order height, length, width. My apologies didnt specify. I can make it taller by removing the top shelf and be around 7-8 ft, but I like the shelf for storage. Other than that not really much.

Okay. For a 3’x3’ space, an HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group) 260XL will suit you quite well. As you will though, it is quite a bit more expensive than the light you currently have.

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I have a rough budget of no more than 200. My wife is already on my back on how much I have already spent on and time given to tending to the plants as it is. But I like to think that you cant put a price on health and using what Gaia has given us to care for ourselves.

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If you could swing $260, my next recommendation would be the Mars-Hydro TSW-2000. It’s actually more optimally shaped for a 3x3 than the HLG light. It uses the previous generation of LEDs, so they aren’t as efficient as the ones in the HLG, but it will still grow great plants.
If that’s too much, the next choice would probably be a 400 watt air-cooled HID fixture. You can get one for about $220 from growershouse, but then you will have to set up ventilation for it if you don’t already have something in place.
If nothing else, you can always get another blurple light… something like the Vivosun 600W (actual wattage: 270) for $140 from Amazon and supplement your current light with it. They will grow weed - just not bountiful weed.


Oh, here’s another tip. If you live in the U.S., check your local craigslist - people are often selling lights on there. Check the electronics section and the farm+garden section. Or, you can use Search Tempest, which is a search engine for craigslist. Search for the word “led” or “grow light” in those two categories, put in your zip code and the distance you would be willing to travel. It will search all the craigslists within that distance.


Current updated pictures, any idea why its growing the weird offshoots, its supose to be in flowering faze but its still growing.

Lights are to low, I wonder about the side lighting. Plants do strange things when growing in an electromagnetic field and that’s what I think you have. Get all your lights up higher and horizontal, no closer than 18 inches, add some simple warm and cold LED light bulbs 3000k and 5000k. What you have looks like a sativa not indica. Also take some pictures when the light isn’t on, it helps with identifying issues. If you have pistols showing you should be on a 12/12 schedule right now.

Looks like it’s going back into veg mode.


I too thought it was the lighting but its all I could afford as a beginner grower and that the wife would allow for costs. And as for it looking like it is entering the vegetative state is a good possibility. I have a plant outside growing as well to see the difference and real sun does it better justice. It was a trial above anything and as long as I get something out of it, it would be worth it. Any suggestions on how with current lighting. I will raise the side lighting, it is on 12/12, I water every day, not sure the ph as I didn’t have the money this trip around. I use my well water. 5 gallon fabric pot, egg casing and fine mulch soil. NPK 10 at first sprout no other added. Will attempt to get better pictures.

I’d check your timers. If it’s on 12/12 there’s no reason she should be reverting to veg.