First grow please help!

Started my first grow 4 months ago using 4 walmart 2 foot led plant lights and two red spectrum bulbs at 20 watts a piece. I did not too or train these plants and wanted them to grow naturally to reduce a chance of screwing up. I vegged for two and a half months and they have been in flower for a month. My first strain is swamp cookies and my second was gelato. The gelato looks and smells amazing and is doing great but the swamp cookies is very loose and still has tons of white pistils. Is there any chance of fixing this and also would love tips as I get later into flowering these girls. Thanks! Pic 1 is gelqto pic two is sc


Patience some don’t smell until the cure plants don’t look bad a little nute burn but they look good the best way for big dense buds is a light upgrade but without info that’s all I can say. Good luck :+1:

The pics kinda suck when the lights turn on I’ll take better. I’m worried the the gelato is so dense and the sc is super airy and loose. I can see through the bud even 4 weeks into flowering. I have the LEDs at 10 inches from the plant and I haven’t given nutes since second week of flower. I had to flush them both because I used all purpose nutes during flower and had nitrogen toxicity. They healed up but the bud growth is just foxtailing everywhere. Any tips?

You can have the same strain and two different plants all together think like the plant has at least two different parents maybe more and thier kids are totally different but both will want more light.not enough light=airy buds no trick for that

Well it looks like I’ll be searching for new lighting. Is it too late or is there still time to save the girls?

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I don’t know your particulars of anything so it’s hard to say but even a bunch of cfl”s would help but you want a quality light for long term but anything you could add now will help some

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Your actually doing good for what you are using… But if you really want good quality and quantity pay for a decent light, Don’t cheap out with burples and deal lights. Cheap lights cheap weed. Lighting is most important part. Good luck man. Give a space size and we can give ideas. @Jeff420chef

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I’m growing in a 3 by 6 by 7 closet

getting better!

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She’s stacked man :smile: I use inexpensive lights for 6 grows and got a decent amount of good weed, but going to hlg lighting I doubled my yields. If you plan to fill a 3x6 you will need something like two hlg 260w v2 rspec kits, They have a 3x3 flowering footprint and would be awesome in there. You can find cheaper lights, but I believe cheap light cheap weed. I grow in a 2x4 so I use smaller lights, and I don’t know too much about bigger spaces maybe @dbrn32 can be of help, he is better able to give other ideas. Hope you get some good bud from your girls my friend. Happy growing

3x6 is footprint and 7’ tall? What are you hoping to harvest each grow? Looks tall and stretched but healthy otherwise.

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Yessir! Well to be honest I’m not looking for quantity more so quality. This is all for personal medication for stress and seizures. I really am looking for a good led light system capable of growing 4 plants veg and flower. Not really worried about energy cost or the cost of the actual light. This whole grow is run off of walmart LEDs. Proof that you don’t have to spend the big bucks, but your quality is going to suck. Any ideas on a good light platform? Also my next grow I’ll be popping 2 photos and 2 autos

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Horticulture lighting group, chilled tech, or place like that. Two roi-e420 would also do it, but I’m not sure they will fit in your space at 35"x34".
I would shoot for two fixtures each designed to flower 3x3.

Nobody says they want a shit ton of weed but don’t care about the quality lol, so I feel you on that. Quality and quantity are going to be one in the same for most part. You want to get plants creating ideal amount of energy, then just feed and care for them well. There are a lot of companies that make really good led lights, but most are designed for 4x4 or 5x5 and wouldn’t physically fit in your space.

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You are finding out that the single most important component to a good grow is adequate lighting. It’s the ‘engine’ that drives all processes in the plant: more light means more nutrient transport, more photosynthesis, more sugars produced and so on.

Getting everything right is something that we all had to learn over time and it’s very rare for a new grower to get everything right. You have nice plants for the light they are getting though. With good lights you will be amazed.

I regularly pulled 2 lbs from a 3 X 6 space without any real hoops to jump through. And the lights I’m using are a few generations older than the ones recommended: new lights are simply incredible now.

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