I need some feedback

Question from a fellow grower:

I have 7 plants indoors in pots, with 60w full spectrum lighting. All of the plants are feminized.Auto flowering. Planted late around July 1st

3 plants are doing great, about 3 feet tall and loaded with flowers. The other 4 plants look healthy but no flowers at all. 1 of the 4 is a 4 ft tall “Girl Scout Cookie” , looks great but still no flowers even after reducing the light to 12 hours on 12 off.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Pics always help and the relationship of the plants to the light but if they look healthy every plant is different even from the same strain

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yes it’s all about the genetics of each plant. How lone have they been under 12/12 ?

I have a question about your light you say 60w full spectrum is that just one bulb or many on average you need 50watt a square foot I’m using 2 600w hps in a 4x4x6 grow tent with awesome results.

Lighting consist of 2 - 60 w led full spectrum bulbs, for 120 w total. In a white styrofoam panel grow box, approximately 9 sq ft. W/ ventilation.

Went two weeks and returned to 24 hr on. Just returned to 12/12 yesterday.
Other plants flowers love the 24 on

Went 2 weeks,then returned to 24 on. Just returned to 12/12 yesterday.11/15/18

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Sweet yup they will love won’t be long now till they start to flower

Is that powdery mildew on your leaves. Also you should have about 450 watts for that size of space. So you are way low. I’m not sure if that is contributing to your flower problem or not, but I would add more lighting.

Also I noticed some canoeing with your leaves which suggests overwatering.all of them autos? Did you do some topping or filming ? I saw a stem or two with nothing on them .thanks and happy growing I would also take what max said in consideration.

Feed them ph perfect masses or transfer to new soil bigger pots. Might be root bound

Picked out a 1000w light but unfortunately I have to wait for Santa​:snowman::snowman_with_snow:

Water spots, my other plants with flowers love a fine mist of water a couple times a day.if you catch the light just right you can see water spots on the sun leafs.