Is my Auto White Widow too tall and skinny?

I feel like it should be bushier. My first one that we harvested was fuller than this. Is it because the room may be 5-8 degrees cooler than that of my last one. I am doing 18hr light and 6 hour dark. And, should I raise the light? I’m using an HLG Quantum Board with 2 panels, and planted using Pot for Pot and bought seeds through their constituents. Any thoughts? How do you all get the lush, thick growth?


Looks fine to me. One can’t really expect an auto to be as lush and full as a photo plant. Your light is plenty for a plant that size. I’m not sure I would have the light that close to the top. Plant doesn’t seem to mind though. Good growing!

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Thank you! We only got about 3 oz. off our last one. I thought we would get more based on advertisements. Now, this one looks a bid leggy. Just wondering.

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I’m not an auto grower, but 3 zips from an auto sounds like a pretty good haul to me. Autos aren’t known for being big producers.

You’ve got a good setup. Give a photoperiod plant a shot sometime. I’ve got one that I’ll be harvesting in a few weeks and I expect that I’ll get somewhere between 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound from it, probably closer to 3/4.


Claimed yield and actual yield are dependent on all conditions being perfect. In absolute perfect conditions and an experienced grower some people probably do hit close to the claimed yields or occasionally more. Three Z’s off of an auto is a pretty good harvest. I’ve had yields of 1.5 oz to 4.75 oz from autos. I think anything over 4 would be considered a good yield.

If you’re looking for bigger yields switching to photos would be your best bet like @MidwestGuy mentioned.

As far as this grow for you being different from the last even tough it is the same strain is more than likely just seed genetics. Autos are technically GMO plants like tomatoes so they will have their issues and some strains may not be genetically stable as autos.


Thank you!

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Thank you so much.

When I grow my GSC seeds from here, some are bushy and others tall. The other strains I’ve grown are all similar in build if the same strain. From what I read I presume the ones that stretch taller are going to lean more sativa, and the bushy ones are going to lean Indica. That’s just my presumption.

I’d start LSTing asap. Get her height down and an even canopy which equals even buds.

How do I do this safely without breaking the stem?

So I checked out your photo again. Good point…that main stem looks pretty thick. Does it have any give at all? Like if you very carefully try and bend it one way or the other, does it bend at all? If it will bend over a little, I’d say loop a tie around the 2nd thickest branch and try to tie the main stem down to that. Even if she gets bent over a little, at least you get some height back. She might be too far along though. All those other stems can be bent. I know that for sure. That main stem looks mighty thick though.

PS - no point in bending the other stems over if you can’t get the main stem down a little.

PPS - Be careful testing her flexibility. I don’t want it to break on you. I’d feel terrible.

Always bruise a stem between your fingers (I’ve even done it with a pair of pliers) where you intend to bend it. It pretty easy to snap off a stem without doing so.

AKA Supercropping.

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There’s a guy on youtube named Bill Ward that shows super cropping technique as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. Squeeze the main stem and roll it in your fingers until you feel the fibers inside get soft. Once you do that she should go right over no problem.

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I had to do emergency LST my first grow due to lack of space/height. Not knowing any better or anything, I tied a string around the towards the top and brought it down slightly. In a few hours she was pointing back up again! I pulled the string a little more. I repeated until I got to an acceptable height. However, I think you are further along than I was at the time. I was week three into flowering.

Would love to see how you make out. Keep posted.

Best of luck.

I’d say!

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