How much yield are you getting/or should I be getting?

Now that I’m nearing the harvesting stage… what’s a “good” yield amount? Mine are autoflower, so I’m assuming a pretty low amount? I did harvest and cure one of my plants that had stopped taking on water and the yield was just over 1/2 oz… I’m hoping the rest of my plants yield at least twice that!!! Definitely going to try non auto flowering next!


Run them as long as you can. They put on a lot of weight last few weeks.


agree with @Storm, plus it varies from plant to plant like a crap shoot. ive seen autos on here with only one bud. i got 5.5 ounces from 2 plants.


Hard to look at yields on per plant basis because there are so many different things you can do that will increase or decrease amount of buds you get from a plant. Some people may intentionally grow small plants to get a lot of them in their grow space. Others may spend a lot of time growing out one plant until its very large to get an astronomical amount off of a single plant.

For a new grower to get their first plants to harvest is a win. If you get 3 ounces dry or better from an auto in a soil grow is pretty good if it flowered on proper schedule. Really good growers with optimal systems get half pound or more out of autos pretty regularly.


The best way to maximize yield is to ensure the plant is cared for with good lighting, proper nute levels (PPM,) proper watering practices, proper pH, good airflow, and so on.

Experienced growers can get decent yields from autos. If you want better yields, then photo would be the way to grow unless you have a lot of experience. You can train photos quite a bit and you can let them veg longer than autos might. Autos generally flower at some point between 4 and 7 weeks, though some can take a little longer. The plants I’ve gotten the best yields from were vegged for 12 weeks and topped a few times.


Look it depends on how much training you have done to ur plant and the type of genetics ur running and also if u lollipopped ur plants and done defoliation all these factors come into play i can tell i got 9 ounces off one white widow auto from dark wizard genetics i done alot of lst defoliation and lollipopping . Depending on how big ur plant is and what u have done to it and how good ur light is you could end up with five to six ounces or u can get three to four .


Autos are a touchy plant to grow. They require less nute and less light than a photo type plant. What soil or coco do u use nutrients and all. How long did they one u harvested go for in flower. Did u look at tricomes and know that it was ready for harvest or a quick look and said yep she’s ready. Lol. Pics will tell a 1000 words also. Good clear clean natural light or camera flash pics no grow lights off possible as any colors make the plants leave colors change to the eye.


My first auto produced 2.20 oz. Not bad considering she was fairly short (19 inches) and untrained.

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Guess I still have some old school in me, but I do very little manipulation. I do fan leaf pruning to open canopy about 3 weeks into flower, and then another prune a couple of weeks later. I generally get 4-5 oz. Off each. But like everyone says, there are SO many different ways to grow. What works for me might not be the direction others take, and vice-versa. Get a good grip on the basics, and try stuff.


This is my goal- old school and very little manipulation

I’ve had good luck with it. I decided to do a major trim on a Blueberry, and sent it back into veg stage! Had a terrible time with it at harvest. Leaves galore!

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yikes! When I started I didn’t want a growing tent or fancy nutrients… but here we are…growing tents, 3 growing lights, 3 stages of nutrients, ventilation system… Not warm enough where I am to do an outside grow with natural sunlight… not sure all the effort is worth the little yield!

An organic grow might be what you seek. Several of us use Earth Dust. Cook the soil…water. no nute worries…large ph input range. Been a fire and forget on 5 auto. 1 ammendment at flower for auto typically.


I’m growing white widow auto. At what point are you defoliating/lollipopping (approx height of plant or age). I made a mistake early on so my plants are behind schedule on age but looking good. They’re about 4 in. tall and 7 wide. Fan leaves are just starting to get in the way. I’m LST bending a little and trying to tuck leaves, but there aren’t a lot of leaves to tuck under.

I lollipop just before flowering and i do the same with defoliation.but i start lst when the plant is about four weeks old

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