Yield per Auto Flower

I have now successfully completed my first harvest and all my buds are now finishing off the curing in the jars which are staying right around 63% humidity. My grow was consisted of 4 auto flower (2x Nth Lights, 1xBlueberry & 1 xAMH) and the total dried weight including a 6-7g deduction per plant for the extra stem I left in to maintain moisture levels for the longer term.
Total yield was 200g or 7.1oz (avg 50g 1.7 oz per plant).

Is this what I should expect for 4 auto flowers in 1m x 1m tent with a 300w LED organic soil medium with only a couple of top dressings and 4 compost tea feeds.
I know yield can vary greatly I just have no context to assess if this was the type of yield I can expect, I mean I am super happy with the taste and look of all 3 stains, blueberry is by far the best smell/taste, and the AMH def packs the biggest punch but I want to improve next time with respect to bud density.
Any comments/advice on things I should try to improve in my next run.


Yields are strain dependent. Autoflowers are not a strain.

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I got pretty shite results from my wintertime grow due to humidity getting only about 1.5-3 ounces per plant but the usual average yield per plant Is about 3.5 ounces with the most I’ve gotten was from a frosty gelato yielding roughly 5 ounces , advice run a humidifier 24/7 during seedling and veg, grow in coco coir with aggressive water schedule , look into Mr fulvic, if your lights have a dimmer increase intensity by 5% with every watering and you to can have autos like this


Thanks for the tip on humidity, so are you saying to keep the humidity at 70%-80% right through veg?

Depends on the temp but yea I think I was up to 92% when we got that heat wave of 95°

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Ok cheers mate, I’m on the other side of the world, so in winter right now, but I’m in a subtropical area so keeping humidity high outside of the winter months is pretty easy.

Also do you grow organic in coco perlite medium?

Yuppers link to My grow journal I think they get good results


1 always yield between 3 to 5 oz per plant dry. Photos are another game play. Get about an lb off one. Sometimes better sometimes worse.

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What lights and grow medium/system are you growing under?

I am wondering if a 200g per plant haul is a stretch, if under 4160 mol/s, dialed CCH2O RDWC with correct temps (room & water), RH, and CO2?

Anyone else feel free to chime in such as: @Myfriendis410


@Mark0427 is pretty close for most here. Coco will yield you more with autos every time. I won’t mention my numbers as they don’t seem to be the norm :grin: A lot of things come into play with them. First from above. You really want to try and stay under 70% humidity if it is for a period of time. More humidity means more water in the air. So less air for these guys. I shoot for a 50 - 70% range in veg. and definitely under 50% in flower my self.
How I feed will really effect mine. They normally only need about half of what I feed my autos. Over feeding means slower growth here. Also, If you have good lights and are in coco. I wouldn’t try to get more than 2 plants in your tent if you want lots of good buds. You will need some room to spread them out. I fit one plant in a 2x2 - 30" x 30" area with a scrog. And need even more room if they are grown naturally. Some strains are just destine to be smaller. I know a few strains that you could do 3 nice ones in there. I would do a search in here and try and find some one that grows with similar lighting, feed and soil as you. And if you like their grows. Ask to see if they might mentor you. You will get a lot of help and advise in here. But if you are working with just one or two people for the most part. It will be easier on you. I would still listen to every one. As you will get a ton of advise. But it is hard for the person helping you to guide you along if you are all over the place :wink: I had 2 mentors when I did my first grow. They walked me through some horrible plants into a monster real first grow. My first turned out to be all males. I switched to autos and did 4 autos, and yielded 23 1/2 oz from the 4. :grin: I was using a 3x3 and a 4x4 tent. And a lot of lights back then. But that grow was enough to hook me. You did pretty good on your first. I am sure you learned a lot and your next grow will be even more impressive. Congrats on getting them to the end :+1:
I know that what I got was way above what I would call normal for a first grow. It just turned out autos like me :grin:

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I’m in a diy 4 X 8 in my basement in Colorado Springs (7,110 ft altitude) with 3 diy light fixtures using gen 1 Samsung EB strips. My normal medium is Promix HP (peat) and have been running Autopot XL’s since I moved out here. Normally aspirated (no CO2)

I’m not an auto grower like @Not2SureYet despite trying. My yields are in the 100 gram range with autos while he gets 400 or more. With photos I average about 400 grams.

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I have 2 rooms and a 2x4x5 tent. One room has a scorpion diablo 1x 260xl. 3x hlg uva30 bars. Auto room has 2x 260xls 1x hlg uva30 bar and a hlg far red bulb. Tent has a 240w offbrand qb setup for vegging but gonna run a set of clones out of it and see what i get. All led stuff.