Is it true autoflowers yield 5-15oz?

Hi, first time grower, 9 weeks in. I am curious about yield size. On the ILGM website it has all the autoflowers listed at 5oz-15oz. My buddy had his first harvest two months ago and got 54g. I know my first plant wont be great as i am learning a ton as i go on(so many mistakes) but once you know what you are doing how much should i expect on average? How much did you get out of your last plant? Thank you for your time! Super excited to be here


In order of impact to your yields are genetics, then environment.

Genetics - You’re growing autos, which are crossed with ruderalis for the auto flowering genetic tendencies “autos”. ILGM is a seed bank, they buy seeds from breeders and pollen chuckers. Within any cultivar there will be variance from bean to bean, pheno to pheno.

Environment - This comes down to equipment, skill, and your grow space. Invest here and you’ll be able to maximize the genetics you’re working with. New growers have one thing in common, when that seedling appears above soil they love the shit right out of it, sometimes to death.

Be careful of the if a little bit is good then more must be better mentality. Understand what the plant needs through the grow cycle and make sure it’s getting that with the understanding that less is more.

Thought it’s not really communicating with YOU, the plant will give queues as to what it wants and needs.

Simple is better, especially at first. Avoid super complex nutrient lines. Maybe try organic dry ammendments in coco or soil before going into DWC or drain and fills.

Lastly, patience. Even with an auto it’s going to be slow and boring in comparison to the excitement of what might or could be when she finally finishes. Let the plant be a plant.


Hi there!

HIGHLY unlikely…Nearly a pound (15oz) off a plant that starts to flower at 3-4 weeks just isn’t possible in my experience. 5oz maybe, but I’ve never even pulled 5oz off an auto…none of my grow peeps have either if they are being honest. This hobby is littered with “bro science” man, takes some time to hone the B.S. detector.

I got 3.2 oz dried off my last auto (critical+ 2.0). If ILGM is saying 5-15oz avg then I’ve lost a little respect for my favorite seedbank)

That said autos are fun (and maddening lol) and if you get 5oz then hey, you’ve got 5oz of smoke! I got in an argument with a guy on here who claims he got 32oz off a single auto…would love to see the evidence but the guy pretty much disappeared. In my opinion there’s no need for a guy to misrepresent like that since it only hurts the community.

Grow auto’s grow photo’s grow fem grow reg grow em all :grinning:


100% agree!

Just like the golden rule of realestate is “location location location”. In cannabis it’s “genetics genetics genetics”.

You just can’t coax awesomeness from crappy genetics…just doesnt work that way.


It is possible to get some weight from autos. I can’t remember and I don’t feel like scrolling in my discord for a year but I pulled about a 7 ounce average from these GDPs on my first grow a few years back. Grew 5 plants in a 4X4 because I didn’t think they would get as big and wide as they did.

Almost all of that stuff was given away or processed for RSO. I had a lot of something I didn’t like. I love GDP but none of what I produced was anything like the GDP cuts I liked in the past.

To be brutally honest. I’ve gotten good yields from most of the autos I’ve grown, and liked very little of it.

Which is why I now have my own little seed bank of autos that will likely be given away. I’m working with photos now :slight_smile:

Here’s a pic of the GDPs, at least I think it is the time stamp is about right.


Well i stand (slightly lol) corrected! That’s a great avg man! Beautiful and happy ladies in that pic well done!


Thanks! Those were from 2021, just wanted to show that some autos just hulk out. I really do like photos better so far. Here’s some cinnamon cultivars that I’m running now. “Hunting” the best of 4 to potentially mom.


I have grown quite a few autos and get between 1 oz from my smallest to close to 5 oz from my best. Most by far have been about 2 oz finished buds.


Im getting 3-4 ozs per auto


Auto row…suspect these will come in around 3oz when done but who knows lol…

L to R we have Diesel, 2x Bruce Banner, 2x Gorilla Cookies


In my closet I get 2.5 to 5.2 oz on autos



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The only autos I’ve ran were ilgm gorilla glue. Yielded around 13 oz together.


@Not2SureYet has done some killer auto grows. In the 11 to 12 oz. range per plant: I’ve seen them personally.

The big trick with autos is having everything dead on perfect along with strong genetics to get a good yield. Autos also tend to run at a lower nutrient load than photoperiod.

I too prefer photos over autos and always suggest a new grower start with photos. Because inevitably a new grower will do something to stall the plant out and when that happens with an auto it greatly affects the yield.


Im seeing growers here on the sight that are getting over ten wet ozs consistently off autos. He shows all his proof with pictures and journals hes been guiding this rookie here thats for sure. But i bet ill take a while to get there. Im not expecting a bunch at first. I plan to hone my skill and grow QUALITY flower that i can be proud to smoke and say i grew. If its only an oz at firat that’s cool. Take care happy growing!


I think I may have done that with the pair of Durban auto’s going now. Overall they look decent and the buds are tight and getting sticky and smelly but just haven’t gotten very big/tall. My last grow(1st time) was Afghan photo I thought was a auto. I grew it almost 5 months before deciding to turn the lights. Needless to say it got good size. Almost 9 1/2 o of dry. I think I’ll go back to photos next seed purchase.


That was my Romeo and Juliet grow, it ended in tragedy.:persevere::tired_face:


I’m sorry wet weight doesn’t mean anything…10oz wet = 2.5oz dry.


I’d like to ask GG1 out on a date! Nice structure and frost!


Wow now those I’d like to see! What strain do you know?