Is 5-gallon Big Enough For Autopot

Hello Autopot Users

Thinking ahead for my second grow. Wanna do Autopots due to travel. Also wanna do autoflowers due to not friendly state and trying to stay stealth as possible.

Is a Autopot system with 5 gallon fabric pots big enough with autoflower outside (no green house, no tent).

I wanna stay with fabric and coco+perlite+jacks 321.


I just finished a run of four plants in Autopots: 3 were in 5 gallon/coco and one in a 3 gallon. The smaller pot fit the tray better and yield was identical to the others. Mainly find a fabric pot that fits the I.D. of the tray and you’ll be fine. Being a continuous bottom feed you won’t see any reduction in yield IMO.