Identity Crisis and GSC?

A friend gave me this early clone stating it is GSC. This plant is unusual to me with all the sugar leaves and although lots of fully developed calyxes, they look like a bunch of little Yodas have popped up, but not much weight. Does this look like GSC?


It’s next to impossible to identify a strain by its looks; however, every time I have grown GSC they developed a strong smell of something like an earthy mint. The smell should tell you what you need to know.

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I think what you have going on there is called fox-tailing. Usually stress causes that.

I grew outdoors this summer for the first time and I had 2 of 11 autoflowers Fox-tail on me, a blueberry and an amnesia haze. In 12 years of growing indoors I never had a plant Fox-tail so I didn’t know what it was and what to expect either.

The calyxs just build one on to of another. The first one I had just kept growing long after the plants I started with it were cut down and processed. I finally called it because it never seemed to stop producing more calyx and white pistils. When I cleaned it I found it was full of seeds.

The second one that fox-tailed was just cut down. Haven’t looked closely yet but I don’t think there are any seeds hiding inside.

Forum members with more experience said that the fox-tailing doesn’t hurt the grow. I don’t have enough experience with it to know. I harvested the seeds and threw away the pot on the first one I grew and second one is drying.

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i had my first foxtail plant this time. i grow inside. i had no clue

It’s just an annoyance as the new calyxes won’t mature along with the rest of the flower quickly enough, so you can have an inconsistent smoke. I usually just cut them off.

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That’s interesting stuff…if the fox-tailing you describe is caused by stress, it falls in perfectly with a week of 100+ degree heat we endured a while back. The extra calyxes look healthy and all, and just layer after layer. My concern is that I don’t think it should be producing any white pistils this late in season. Okay, I’ll keep my eye on the trichomes of the older growth and go from there, THANKS!

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