Seeds forming 2½ wk in flower

My GSCE auto is at Flower day 17. I only got curious about her calyxes being fat after reading another topic here. Somebody told me to check and sure enough, she got sprayed. I’m pretty sure a neighbors plants are responsible. He has 3 and I’m sure if they aren’t male, then at least one has hermed because he treats them like crap.

Being my first run, I can take some setbacks or disappointments. Since she is still pretty early in flower, am I gonna have a fxxxing seed factory at the end? Also, she has a sister that stays right next to her that is 5 days into flower. Gotta worry about that too, huh???

Fat calyx

Underdeveloped seed from same calyx

Other girl in earlier flower

Ok so if you got fat calyx it might have seeds in them? Mine has fat ass calyx and I checked one and nothing but now after seeing this in 2 threads I’m wondering how many I should pick off checking

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The calyxes are almost half a centimeter wide in some spots. That little thing next to that pulled calyx is a seed forming. But yep, the case with mine is she’s been pollinated. Both my girls are GSCE autos from ILGM, and the other is too early in flower to bust nuts even if it did herm. I’m almost positive my neighbor doesn’t know sxxx and is nursing the fxxx out of a boy. I just wish there were like a “seed stomper” supplement that restricts seed from forming.

Yeah I was just questioning the general intelligence of some of my nearby neighbors and coming to the realization that the number of idiots that live within shouting distance is greater than zero


Faaaar greater than zero.