All calyx no bud?

Hi all ! I have a concern hopefully someone can put me at ease haha. So one of my gscx autos looks to be all calyx no bud if that makes sense. They almost look Male but its definitely a female. Is this normal? because it’s my best smelling and most frosted. I included a pic of one of my other gscx for comparison.

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I don’t see any male parts.

@MrPeat so is it just different looking buds from what my others look like? Do plants sometimes have different looking buds? Or bud formations?

No two seeds are ever alike. Think of it as siblings in a family. Its genetics. I grew three Blue Dreams from the same packs of seeds and all three grew and all three looked differently.

I haven’t grown GSCE.


You have experienced what’s called foxtailing and you will always be able to spot in the future.

Foxtailing is the formation of new calyx on top of old calyx that creates what looks like little towers if you let it continue.

Foxtailing can be the genetics of the strain, or it can be brought on by some kind of stressor.

The foxtailing can go on for months. The only disadvantage of foxtailing is an uneven smoke where the old calyx have long turned amber, the trichomes on the newer calyx are cloudy and the newest calyx will remain clear.

When it happens to me I determine when to cut based on weeks in flower. If others of the genetics flower typically in 8 weeks, I’ll let the foxtailing one go to 10 weeks or more before chopping it down. When trimming I’ll cut off the tops of the towers to get rid of some of the clear trichomes.


Thank you for that info. I thought fox tailing only happened to photos learn something new every day. that’s why this forum is great! thank you!