Odd looking buds on my auto. Reveg?

Hello growmies, first grow 4 Blueberry autos in a 4x4x80 tent. Good temp/humidity 70-75. And 40-50% growing in living soil roots organic original and natures living soil autoflower concentrate. Watering soil with PHd water 6.2 to 6.7 and alternating with compost tea I get from local hydro store and fish shit. I planted all 4 on 8/14/20. They started flowering the week of 9/20/20. I just harvested 2 of 4 successfully, but the other 2 have strange looking flowers. Any help is much appreciated.

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Looks like genetic fox tailing. Had some blueberry autos do this as well

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Will it still finish properly? It’s already on week 16 from seed. Should I just let it go?

Yes, it will eventually. What light hours are you on? May help to reduce the light hours

I’ve been doing 18/6 the entire grow. Should I go just fine to 16/8 or right to 12/12?

Foxtailing tends to go on and on and on, and I’m not sure the buds are getting any better. The new calyx and white pistils keep growing on top of old growth and never appear to finish.

You might want to take a bud apart and examine the trichomes further in, my guess is they are amber colored. Eleven weeks of flowering is a long time.