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I can’t get a sprout. I have planted 6 GDP seeds and two sprouted but ceased growing. After three weeks they were less than 2” tall with their beginner leaves. So I followed ILGMs instructions and each seed popped and had a good tap root, then planted about 3/4-1” in loose potting soil which I dampened prior to placing the seed in there. I have them in a small grow tent with a heating mat and a grow light. I start the light at 0600 and shut it off at 2200 hours. On day 5 now, no sign yet of these two. The previous two i am pretty sure I drowned the tap roots. I place the planted seeds directly in soiil, placed them in a greenhouse with everything else. It’s been 2.5 weeks and they never popped. I’m guessing too much water, and the greenhouse was too much for them.

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Most likely so. The leading cause of failed seedlings is overwatering. Seedlings only need a couple ml of water each day. Based on your previous posts, I expect that overwatering is the problem. This soil is far too wet. Overwatering causes stunting, and in extreme cases it will kill the seedling. I’d consider the soil in the pic to be extremely overwatered. Cannabis does far better in dry soil than it does in wet soil.

If they are fail to sprout at all, then are these ILGM seeds?



This soil is bone dry on top and she is doing great.


Planted the seed in damp soil and left it for 2 weeks without a drop of water.
This was a test. Went 3 weeks before wilting. Not saying to do this, but give confidence that you can let them go longer than you think.


Thanks man. I definitely over-watered thinking more is better.


Seedlings extract all of the water they need through their leaves until a taproot develops. Misting a dome with distilled water as needed is just about right for them. Keep lights on 24/0 as that will help maintain a good temperature.

I would also not use potting soil or peat pots or disks. Coco is a good medium and harder to over water than rock wool.


Thank you, heading to Amazon to look for these things

Yessir they are ILGM

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It’s hard to remember that it is a weed and is used to abuse


Great response

This is what I put my Through all the time. You should be okay just don’t water her anymore in to it dry out.


Do you mix coco coir with soil or use it as the solitary medium?

Coco and soil have differing pH and watering requirements.


Coco/perlite is all i do.

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Hello, I am in south america in the foothills of the Andes, we are experiencing a cold snap with rain and clouds. I think I have 2/3 weeks left before chopping but am worried that the inclement weather will harm my plants. I do not expect a freeze but mid 30’s F at night. The 2 attached pictures are of the same bud. I could drag “the” plant inside at night(easy), chop it now or just calm down(the sun will return next week)?



A few questions about the process using coco.

  1. What tools and nutrients are essential to success using this medium?

  2. Is coco suitable for an outdoor grow in a fairly humid and hot environment? I have been growing the vegetation stage this ll harvest in a greenhouse. The temps where I live from May thru September average 85-95 degrees with high humidity.

  3. How often do you water and what does that look like? How often and how much?

Any nutrient line will work in coco. I use Jack’s and there’s a lot of info on it here.

Outdoor container growing is possible. Remember that you are providing all of the nutrients for the grow.

Temp and humidity is going to be a problem and do recommend container growing so could move inside when really wet.

Coco requires daily watering or it becomes hydrophobic.

Bud rot is going to be your biggest worry. Also; covering the plants with a plant fabric protector will keep moths, butterflies and some mites off of your plants. This is a really big deal.

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One of my ladies has developed a problem. I found leaves where something was eating. It’s not an infestation and I can only find two nodes where it happened, but I am concerned. Look close at the attached photo and you can see it.

Thank you myfriend410. I appreciate the detailed answer. I purchased some coco and waiting on delivery.

If going (or already) outside you are going to have to up your game with pest control. I hate Neem oil and don’t ever recommend it. There are a few products that contain a type of bacteria that is lethal to insects but harmless to pets and humans. Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew uses Spinosad and Safer Caterpillar Killer uses BtK. Both attack different insect vectors. Mix with distilled water and spray down plants. Wait five days then repeat. You will likely have to continue that program until harvest. Plant protector bags will help.

Plan on doing a bud wash in peroxide at harvest.


I need to apply both products, correct?