Seeds aren’t sprouting

I germinated and planted 3 Gold Leaf and 3 Mimosa seeds a week ago. I don’t have the start of seedlings in any of the pots. These are recently purchases seeds. Is there anything I can do to help them along? I am concerned because in my previous efforts, I would see sprouts on most plants by now.

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What was your germinating technique? A water soak until the seed sprouted a tail or straight drop into the medium :love_you_gesture:

Yes. Soaked in water till they all had tails.

Are they dying as seedlings? Pics of the afflicted?

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They aren’t coming up.

If they are sprouting but not coming up, I expect is is due to overwatering. The soil should be on the dry side and seedlings only need a couple ml of water per day. All seedlings have is a tap root and it is easy to overwhelm them with water. Cannabis does better in dry soil than wet.

Thanks. I thought I was doing what I have done in the past. I’ll cut back on the spritzing and see if that works.

Dont plant them to deep either. With tail, i barely cover the seed. Just enough to not get helmet head

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