Watering germinated seeds

I grew from clones last year with great success. This year with seeds not so much. My seeds germinate but I kill most of my seedlings with what I assume is improper watering. I put my germinated seeds into a starter pot with Black Gold seed starter mix and water with a 10ml syringe to make sure that the water goes to the correct place. I don’t know if I am under or over watering but most of my seeds do not grow. I considered just watering the entire pot til it drains but I fear drowning the kids. Suggestions?

I soak the seed 24 hrs and then place it in dampened soil. Not soggy, just damp.
Cover it with a dome and I dont water it till its up and above ground for a week at least. Once it sprouts as long as it can find moisture it will live.


Chances are you are overwatering. That’s usually what kills seedlings. Plant them in wet soil and give them a few days. I just give mine a few mls at the base of the plant every other day. Plain water. Wait until the top soil is dry…

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I was giving the kids 10cc of water every 4 hours
which is WAY too much judging from responses I’ve received. Thank you for the suggestions!

That is beyond way to much for a seedling. I will do about 5ml every day or two.

She apparently just needed some time to absorb the nutrients because she now has new healthy green growth. I know that MiracleGro is not an ideal fertilizer for cannabis but it was handy. I will switch to a more appropriate feed after she’s settled into her final pot and moved outdoors.

She’s growing healthily again but now I suspect that she won’t have time to achieve a decent size before flowering. We’ll see.