First Grow Need help. Not sprouting

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This is my first grow. I germinated my seeds properly and placed them into my soil. The soil is not coco but has 20% perlite. Two out of 10 seeds sprouted but the others have not. It’s been 4 days.
Very frustrating Ugh.
It is an indoor grow

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Welcome! Couple of questions…

How did you germinate, specifically?

What soil are you planting in?

And how deep are you planting them in the soil?

Could take a little longer. Have patience.


Thank. You

Two cups of water seed drop
Germinated with moist paper towels

Soil miracle grow potting soil should work fine for my first grow will graduate to coco
1/4 -1/2”

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Mg soul is possible to grow in but not anything recommended for cannabis lol. Before u start them now I’d see about getting cannabis friendly soil as mg has time release nutes in it and that not good as it releases too much of something for the plants. How deep did u plant the seeds. When they start they shoot a tap root down before they pop up thru soil son the deeper u bury the longer it will take to show. Just bury as deep as a pencil eraser only and cover it u can always take the soil from one and move it and find the seed and see if it is doing anything be sure to try and move dirt only Incase the seed is starting to for roots u don’t break the main one that will end the plant lol. Good luck. pH meter is also a mist if u don’t have one

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The red flag there is miracle grow. It’s incredibly hot and time released so your plants get bursts of nutes. Some growers have luck with it, but there are many topics of plants burning up shortly after sprout, if they sprout.

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Ugh double ugh

I ph both my water and soil before planting.
I planted 1/4-“-1/2”

Fox Farms makes some good soils. Lots of soil growers here use it. Their lines have a lot of nutrients preloaded in it, but for cannabis, and you only have to add water pH’ed to 6.2-8 for the first 5ish weeks. There are plenty others as well. I’m not sure on what route you should take, though. Praying to the weed gods it works out.

Thank you


Yeah if your seeds haven’t popped yet I’d switch would and save the headache

Good advices up there


I grew two plants in MG and I could not get my plants right.

Welcome to the forum! MG, like others have said is not a friendly medium for plants you want to grow. As for what you have going, I would mist the inside of a quart mason jar and place over seed site. Creating a humid atmosphere. Remember, seedlings take water from leaves when they are young sprouts.

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@Dr.ofSmokology I believe used MG at one point? He might be able to give you pointer to keep them going for now??

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Welcome BTW also!

My very first grow was MG, although it worked out at the end, my second grow was FF ocean. Huge difference!

I ordered Mother Earth 70/30% perilite.
I’m going to try again.


Coco is absolutely awesome. But it isn’t soil, so it can’t be treated like it is. Coco gets pH’d like hydro (5.8 Target) and since I use Jack’s 321 it’s watered with full strength feed basically every day.


@Underthestairs Coco converts unite! I have enjoyed switching to Coco so far!

Easier to store since I get it in a compressed brick, which is light and takes up less space until you rehydrate some of it for use.

Then there’s the fact that it takes out a lot of guess work as to when to water and when to start nutrients. Nutrients are started immediately and you water pretty much every day.