Brand new indoor grower - germination complete - i think? soil? 1/3 sprouted

Hey everyone just to get you guys caught up - I purchased 20 gold leaf femenized from the site here along with the kit with the fertilizers and all. I went with the simplest method of germination by placing them in room temp water, inside a dark cabinet in my kitchen.

I placed 3 seeds in and one of the 3 seeds took off and shot out a root that was baout an inch long after about 3 days. I changed water every 24 hours, never touched the seeds waited 3 more days (6 total) and the other two seeds popped, but their root was barely visible. Being that I could see some type of root and progress with germination i planted the 3 seeds in solo cups and placed them in my grow room under a normal CFL lamp (i read this is correct for seedlings?) I have a full size 400w light but I’ve read that that much light can damage the seeds this early.

Fast forward to now, germinated for 6 days, planted, watered when needed, now my super seed the one that had the 1 inch long root - sprouted within 24 hours but the other two havent shown and sign of sprouting yet. I’m beggining to worry if I did someting wrong?

I also read, that in your seedling stages, soil isnt too crucial and a general potting soil would suffice for the first week or so. Mine are currently planted in this Miracle gro generic potting mix, is this bad? I can’t seem to find a solid recipe for what soil i should use…Can anyone provide me a purchase list by any chance? So many different people say their recipe is the best I can’t choose.

They have only been in soil for 5 days now but there is no sign of sprouting yet. If anyone is wondering yes I am watering with the seedling booster fertilizer as well.


I put my sprouted seedlings in coco coir. They only get water for the first few weeks. Then I put them in my soil with no amendments. They are good there for the first month. On transplant, they are started on monthly feedings, first in the soil of their new home and then top dressing every month until harvest.

My soil mix.

4 parts coco coir
1 part composted manure/worm castings
1 part perlite

I use Happy Frog dry amendments and a tea every month or so.

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I’m looking at Coco coir - maybe the mother earth perlite or the fox farm ocean forest? could you recommend either of these for seedlings? If so should I transplant mine into this new soil?

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I buy coco in 5 kilo blocks and rehydrate. Total cost of my soil is around $1 per gallon.


Although there are people who grow in Miracle Gro, it’s mainly frowned upon. The problem is the time release “nutrients”. You never know what you’re gonna get. Or when you’re gonna get it.

I grow 100% organic. The way I see it, as long as it’s natural, you’re probably good. I use nematodes and spinosad along with neem oil to combat insects and mycorrhiza for root development.

I also feed my plants at half strength. A lot of people push the nutrients in an attempt to increase potency. I chose to use LST, HST and perpetual grow. I don’t need tall or big plants. I just need the best medicine I can grow.

Check out my journal. I tend to be hit and miss with it because I’ve got so much going on. I’m currently mid harvest with one of my reveg plants going back to be reveged.

You may have dround your other seeds

24hr soak or as soon as thry sink, then moist paper towel in a warm light proof area.