Germination & seedlings

Trying to grow from seeds this year. Maybe wasn’t right but put 5 seeds (Critcal Fem x 2; Auto Jack x 3) into rooting cubes then into my super sprouter dome. That was about a week ago. I got 2 seedlings and just put them into soil (see photo). One is Critical Fem and one Auto Jack. They are now under lights indoor. My goal is to eventually grow outdoors.

I peaked at the other 3 seeds in the rooting cubes. One has a small tap root and I left it in the cube. The other two looked unchanged.

My questions are: How do my seedlings look? Am I on the right track? What would you do with my other 3 seeds? When should I plant the seed with the taproot? Put the unchanged seeds in paper towels and try to start again?

Thanks for the help! You guys are always so great with questions.


They look fine. Give them as much light as you can before moving them outdoors. They are stretching a bit looking for more light.

Be careful to not overwater. They only need a few ml of water per day at this point. Better yet, put a clear dome over them (a cut pop bottle or a clear Solo cup works fine) and spray inside the dome a couple of times a day. Leave the soil dry if you do that. The plants can get all of the water they need via the humidity in the dome. Seedlings hate wet feet and overwatering is the largest cause of seedling loss.


Ensure the temp is warm enough, seedlings don’t like to be over watered and the germinate they need warm soil. If it’s cold they will die


Thanks for the great advice! I covered the seedlings with glass domes and have been spraying with water 3 times daily. Looks like we’ve made progress! (See photo). When do you think it’s safe to take them out from the domes? What is the next step in the process?

I’m so happy. It would be a shame to lose them now!

Also their leaves look a little more yellowish than the previous deep green. Is the a problem or sign of anything? Should they be under 24 hour light?

What soil are you using?

Just plain old potting soil.

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Is that soil amended with nutrients :love_you_gesture: