Germination to Seedling

Ok I am looking for some advice. I have 2 seeds in rapid rooters and sprouting. I would like to know how long do you keep them under the humidity dome? Going to add the latest pics of them and if you see something that I need to do please tell me.

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Welcome! Just took a look, and I would dome. Spray inside of top and leave on for the first week. Do you have 2 in one block?

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No. It’s one seed and I think I might of got seed in wrong. Is there hope or a solution for it?

I’m gonna have to bow out on that one. I had one that did something like that, it didn’t make it. :triumph::disappointed: The tap root doesn’t like light, I know that. Maybe someone will jump in and have the information you need. Tag @nicky

Thanks for the tag @TEGRITY

@bbdeb1958 seedlings are the most fragile, ussualy if you can get a plant to week 2 you can limp it to harvest so this is a very critical time.

Good advice above, keep it domed, keep it moist but not soaking wet to avoid damping off.
Increase the lighting bring it closer they are stretching a bit much.
Give it time the seedling will do its thing. They are always Wierd when so small and weak.
Once it pushes out of the dome (well them again how high is your dome, or once you see 4 little leafs spread out) Then you can transplant.

Ensure its new home is high in humidity and get a light breeze on it asap to make it strong or it will just fall over when it grows to tall.

Remeber your playing God so your the wind, water, air, sun and everything I between.

Tag me if you need me


Do you think if I put it in soil now do you think maybe it will help it

I’m not expert on this, but I would. And place soil halfway up the stem.

So are you saying to cover the funky part in the soil. I am going to use mother’s earth because I have it in a rapid rooter. All the help I can get I will appreciate it

I would. Maybe someone else could chime in and give ya more advice. But in my opinion, an exposed tap root is not good. Maybe tag some other growers and get their opinions. Sorry I couldn’t help more.


I’d plant that in a solo cup or small pot immediately and make sure to cover the root up.


I did. I have another one that might turn out the same way. I will attach a picture of the other one.

Hey Hellraiser do I need to have a humidity dome on the one you said to put in a solo cup. I planted it in a 4" pot with mother’s earth soil or coco.

Wouldn’t hurt but not really needed, I never dome my seedlings.

Did you get the picture of my other seed? Any suggestions on that one. Also that one with the leaf they are in rapid rooters and do I need to fertilize

Hey I am new at the seed and any suggestions and help to where I know they will survive would help

I’d get the other one planted as well. They’ll do fine once planted and tap root not exposed. You will need to fertilize, how soon depends on what specific mother earth potting soil you used, some have fertilizers in them so you don’t have to feed for a little while and some don’t and you need to start feeding sooner.

Hellraiser I am hoping you can be my fall back and help. As soon as I get the other one in mother earth I will send pics. So cover it how far

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Enough to cover any exposed root but not covering the emerging leaves.

See the beginning of my journal for care of seedlings.

Would it hurt to wait for the green leaf pops up. Also I have a cfl blue light on it. Also a fan on them to. I will also check your information out.

The roots are not meant to be in the light, they will die and so the plant, this is the only root it has so far…

I would do as @Hellraiser said ASAP