First Time Gold Leaf

I’m trying Gold Leaf for the first time also. Planted 3 seeds, resulted in two small seedlings. They broke through
the soil 8 days ago and are still very small, about one inch tall. I’m growing in a 4x2 tent, indoor, 2 300 watt led
lights at about 24" above the seedlings. Have an inline fan and filter that runs the 18 hours with the lights. The
temp stays between 74 - 78 degrees F. My last grow (bag seeds) all turned out males( grap) but they seemed to get larger faster. I expected these feminized to be smaller , just a little worried at the slow rate of growth with these GLs. Using Miracle Grow potting soil. All of this is the same I used in my last grow. Other than the fact that they all turned out to be males, The grow went well. Can anybody tell me if slow beginning is normal for these GL or do they need something I am not providing

Gold leaf is real pleasure to grow, remember to train it, it can get huge…
Other than that, enjoy.
For germination and seedling stage use soil with NO added nutes, or flush the miracle grow real well…
Good luck growing


Ragnar Thanks for the advice. Ill post as I go along.

The Miracle Grow will cause problems including slow initial growth up to killing the seedlings. You are better off starting in a nutrient free starter mix.

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I’m growing the gold leaf for the first time as well and have not experienced slow growth for sure
They do focus on lower growth ( root system)
For the first two weeks or so growth upward may be a little slow at that stage but once they take off training in definitely needed lol as @Myfriendis410
Suggested lmao
I’m using promix and organic nutes from nectar of the gods I’ll tag you into my thread

Countryboy, thanks for the comment. I tested the water here and it is very basic, The soil also so I used some of the ph down for the water and got that fixed. I am watering with that solution in an attempt to neutralize the soil. Think this will work? The seedlings are still real small but appear healthy. Maybe I should transplant into different soil? Thinking transplant at this stage will kill them…

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When you tag put the @ symbol in front of user name so we get notified lol
I would leave them be fir now can you post a picture
Just ph water them at 6.5 for soil
Misting the soil is best also when you have young seedlings
I’m going to say they are just building a good root system I’ve grow in mg soil early on as well
I’m using promix bx now FYI

@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks for the @ sign tip. I was wondering how that worked. I’m definitely going to try promix bx . Misting, I should have known that. The plants are still looking healthy. I’ll post some pics soon.

@battlecrab, a little clear dome like a pop bottle will also help elevate RH. Just poke some holes in it.

@Myfriendis410 Some over each plant I guess?

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@Myfriendis410 suppose to be Dome

Yeah, and they really respond well to the increase in humidity. Just be very sparing with the water. The soil should only have a damp spot around the seedling. VERY little water, very often.

@Myfriendis410 Thanks I’ll give it a try.

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