Gorilla glue autos droopy leaves on tallest bud sites only

Im on week 8. Flowering is into its ftrst week. The very top bud sites all ens up with droopy leaves after i water them. The rest of rhe plant doesnt do this at all and looks great. From everything ive read im thinking maybe im watering to often???

This pic they were fine. I waterwd them day beofre the pic. Opened the tent a few hours later and only the tallest sites were droopy on the plants. Thanks in advance


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Drooping around watering time is normal and it usually resolves itself after several hours.

Water thoroughly, let the soil dry out, and then water thoroughly again, repeat.


Ok. Thanks very much. Ive been watering everyday. Tou just said what ive been reading all day. Thanks again.

Ii also noticed that by the time i get home from work theyre back to standing up nicely again.

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Are you growing in soil or coco?


Soil. Mother Earth

Let the soil dry out between waterings. Daily is too often in soil. Cannabis tolerates dry soil very well. The roots need oxygen to be healthy and its difficult for a plant to extract oxygen from the soil if it is wet all the time.

Drooping should resolve if you get your watering practices down properly.


Thank you very much. This is only my 2nd grow.

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Thank you very much!!!

Probably not pertinent to you, but I’ve grown 2 of these before, and they were both droopers, especially towards the end of the light cycle.

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