Leaves are a bit down, Why?

Hi! If anyone can help, I’m currently in day 19, everything is going well but I woke up this morning and saw this lady a bit down?

Currently in Seedling(maybe Veg already?) and it’s growing on Happy frog and Ocean forest…
I have just been putting Ph adjusted water (6.3-6.7)
Thanks everyone
(P.s yes soil looks a bit dry as I will
Be watering in a couple hours, I water once everyday)

It looks very good.
Sometimes they droop a little right after lights come on, even seen them drooping close to lights out.
I dont think its lack of water as all the leaves would be drooping.


Did the lights just come on recently when you saw her like this? Droopy leaves can occur just prior to lights on and off.

Also, may be a little dry. Once you water, should perk up.

Ha! Good look @Spiney_norman. Didn’t see until posted! :call_me_hand:t3:


Great minds @PP3121…Lol
By the way @Kevino0529 , watering everyday is not a good idea.
Let the plant send roots deeper looking for water. Unless the soil was bone dry when placed in the pot you should be able to go several days between waterings. Just keep an eye on them for drooping all over the plant. Its hard to kill em by underwatering. Easy to overwater and we all made that mistake at first.

Underwatered looks like this with the entire plant looking wilted and like limp lettuce


Yeah the lights have been On for about 6 hours since I first noticed the droopy leaves

Everyday my best girl droops starting 2 hours before lights out its her sign that she’s super tired from absorbing so much light I think 20/4 is a lil rough on autos starting around early flower

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Haha Yeah you think so? I though I was overwatering so thats why i have been doing it once a day but like very minimal water, maybe 1/4 of a gallon for 2 plants.

Yeah when I first started I did not moist the soil as much as I should’ve so it was a bit dry once i put my seedlings in. Ahh ok thanks for the picture and explanation. How bout over watered? How would that look? Also if soil on top is dry does that always means its dry? thanks

Yeah i noticed that in the beginning thats why i keep mines at 18-6. Have you ever experienced your plants still being droopy after lights are back on?

I also think it is a question of frequency vs. quantity. As I understand it, if your plant is thirsty, watering a large quantity will do no harm; the excess will just runoff. Then you let the plant dry completely again - 2 or 3 days depending on size, etc…

What you do not want to do is water frequently, even small amounts, when the plant has not dried out sufficiently.

Depending on your setup, can you pick up the pot and check the weight? That is how I determine mine. I can’t stick my finger down deep enough and I don’t want to impact the roots at all. If you cannot pick up your pot, you will need to do the second knuckle test.

I know that my Blueberry would be droopy prior to lights on. When it first occurred, it freaked me out! :grimacing:

Hope this helps! :call_me_hand:t3:

Ok got you I believe that is what I’m doing wrong then. I am Adding water frequently in small amounts but the soils has not completely dried out. So I will change that up

And yes I can pick up my pot (5 gal) but the issue is I don’t have a weight scale :frowning:
What’s the knuckles way of doing it?

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I have no scale either. Just by feel alone. Prior to planting, I soaked the pots and soil (it was recommended to do that). So, I kind of know how heavy the pot is when completely saturated. I then began and kept picking up the pot just to get a feel of how heavy. Now I pick the pot up (I am using very small pots - not growing the monsters we all envy) and I know exactly if she needs water or not based on how heavy it feels. Not an exact science, but it is very telling.

The second knuckle method: Stick your finger in the soil till the second knuckle. If it is dry, water. If you feel any moisture do not water.

I am not sure what to do when I move to a bigger pot for the next grow. Still have one more in the grow room in a 1/2 gallon pot! I said it was small! I purchased the set-up from A Pot 4 Pot in order to take away some of the stress. Will not go that route again, although the plant did grow as well as I could manage with all the mistakes I made.

Continued success! :call_me_hand:t3:

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Overwatered some or all leaves will droop like your lower set in your original photo…
Underwatered both the leaves and stems will sag and start to droop all over the plant.

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Yeah thats where i messed up on, I did not add enough water on my soil when i first introduced the seed inside my pot. Yeah i did the same with picking it up before i add water just to see the weight but just my estimate.
Thank you for the Second knuckle method i did not know about that lol
Yeah I feel like i kinda went to big for a 5 gal inside my small tent but eh i guess its fine.
I am glad you was able to your plant completely! Im hoping i can do the same lol

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