Drooping problem

Had a problem with drooping leaves over the last couple of days, I’m watering when soil is dry and waiting for rub off water, letting it soak up then water some more, however it seems to be the same, I’m about 8 weeks into veg state, we love to hear any advice or tips to help bring my baby back to her glory! There is also some slight crossing of the leaves. If not water issue possibly nutes? But I’m not sure.


Welcome to the community ! overall I think your plant looks good. You Maybe getting close to rootbound your pot does not look very big. Bigger pot with Organic cannabis friendly soil. Are you planning on moving the plant outside to get more light . Good luck

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@Mrwangworthy. Welcome to ILGM. :+1:
If the droop is just before lights out and it recovers fairly quickly after sun up then that would be considered normal.
Pot does look a bit wet in pic.
The window glass will cause your plant to get stretchy and long between nodes. :wink:
When you transplant you can bury it up to the bottom leaves and that will help give some support. A small fan will help build some strength in the stalk to keep it upright.

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