First timer/ 2 WW auto plant led lighting?

Hi! Currently gathering info on doing a 2 plant grow in my closet- no window. I plan on getting the ILGM beginner grow kit-White Widow autoflower. I need lighting help! I want to stick with led so, how many watts should I have for two plants? I’ve read the WW auto will only be about 2 feet tall- does this make a difference in how many lights I would need? I’ve read anywhere from 30-50w psf is key but now I’m getting confused about watts from the actual light versus pulling from the wall, so, any recommendations for sufficient lighting for 2 White Widow little babies?

Just starting out my plan here :slight_smile: I’m a little overwhelmed! I’ve got more questions on a tent and ventilation but wanted to get the lighting squared away first!!

Watts per square foot only applies to HID lighting. Even then, it should only be considered a general guideline.
The height of your plants doesn’t factor into the scenario. Also, your lights will be adjustable so you will be able to raise and lower them as needed.
Horticulture Lighting Group (commonly referred to as HLG) is a very popular consumer grade LED grow light company. You will find it recommended a lot on this forum.
For your LED scenario, your grow space will determine which light to use more than anything else. If your closet is 2’ x 4’ (or close to it) you will want to use an HLG 260 XL light. 2’ x 4’ is a decent space to grow 2 plants in.
If your closet is 2’ x 2’ (really only enough space for 1 plant), I would recommend an HLG QB 135.

As far as the wattage confusion… there are a ton of LED lights sold at places like Amazon that have misleading ratings. For example, they will call a light a “1000w” because it has 100 ten-watt LED bulbs, but it doesn’t come anywhere near being capable of actually using that much power. Typically, a light like that would be in the 100-135 watt range.
The good, reputable grow light companies like HLG tell you the actual wattage of the light.


I agree, pay more attention to light output than power consumption. How large is your grow space?

I’m working with 2x4 space

@TommyBahama I found the 260xl… so I’m needing 260w total for 2 plants in a 2x4?

What do you think about this? What is the difference between this and the HLG 260?

MARS HYDRO TSW 2000W Led Grow Light 4x4ft Coverage Full Spectrum Grow Lamps for Indoor Plants Hydroponic Greenhouse Veg Bloom Light Commercial Indoor LED Grow with Updated 684pcs LEDs

VIPARSPECTRA 900W LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

How is this for 2 plants in soil in a 2x4 space?

Is the Mars Hydro light for hydroponic growing only? I’m starting to get things twisted due to information overload :flushed:

Just forget about the whole wattage thing for now. It’s really all about how many photons of light reach your plant, and what light spectrum (the “color”) of light is reaching the plant. I don’t want to make things too complicated with scientific mumbo-jumbo though. I’ll see if I can find a link to a beginners guide to horticultural lighting or something for you.

The Mars Hydro equivalent to the HLG 260 XL would be the TSL 2000, not the TSW. You’ll notice that it’s rectangular, like your closet. Mars Hydro is a little more of a discount lighting company. Their lights are decent, but a step below HLG. They use a slightly older (and thus cheaper) LED. It makes their lights less expensive but also less efficient. They will use a little more electricity, will make your closet a little warmer and less photons of light will reach your plants. BUT - if you can’t afford the HLG, then go for the Mars Hydro. It will still grow a very nice plant.

The Viparspectra light you mentioned is a great example of an “Amazon Lie” LED lamp. That is actually a 390 watt lamp, not 900. Also, take notice of the blue-purple color the light gives off. These lights you will see referred to around here as "blurple lights. Don’t bother with one of these lights unless you absolutely can’t afford a proper grow light. One of these will grow a plant, just not a bountiful one. Countless people have made that mistake, then later regretted it and spent money on a better light. So, it just becomes money wasted in the long run.

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You are the master of my universe sir! Thank you!

Now for my next question- Most of the tents I’ve found say hydroponic, am I good with one of those even though I’m using soil? I’m looking at this guy here:

TopoLite 48"x24"x60" Indoor Grow Tent Room 600D Mylar Hydroponic Growing Plant w/Plastic Corner (48"x24"x60")

Yep, that tent is fine. I don’t know why some of the manufacturers throw the word “hydroponic” in their advertisement. The tent has no idea what you are growing inside of it. I guess it’s just because people associate the word “hydroponic” with growing plants.
If I could make a suggestion, it would be to consider this tent instead. It’s only 2 dollars more and appears to be the same basic specs, but it comes from a well-established company, Vivosun. The difference in quality between the two tents may be indiscernible, but for two dollars more I would go with the brand name product just to be safe.

The hlg light has more par per watt.

You could also go with 2 of these and save money. Plus you’ll have the added benefit of running the lights at different heights and intensity.

i’m one of those people, just saying. i plan on using that light for tomatoes and other herbs here in the northern michigan climate. jump start the growing season!

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