Light choice on a budget

So I’ve done a little bit of research on LED lights and I’ve even sifted through the forums here to try to figure out what light I want to go with. I only plan on growing 1 plant at a time in a closet about 6’ tall X 4’ wide X 3’ deep. I was thinking about going with one of these, is it going to be enough or to much?

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with a 4’by3’ grow space you may want something around a 450w or 600w, i would rather have too much than not enough.


Okay, I’ll continue to look around. I’m not striving for absolute perfection just yet with a light. I’d like to get the technique down first and practice with smaller scale stuff. As soon as I can move into a bigger space I’d like to maximize every inch.


before you make ultimate decision, please let some more expert growers chime in. that was just my opinion,i’m far from being a pro @Mrgreen3461

Hello @Mrgreen3461
Your looking for 25 to 50 actual watts ( watts drawn at outlet ) per square foot
I would try to get close the the 50 mark myself( light equals denser bud )
You have 12 square feet = @ 50w per sq foot 600 watts
I would get 2 300 watt for more coverage you’ll probably be ok with 1 for veg but I would run 2 for flower maybe more
I use the galaxy hydro myself cost around 89$
Can’t comment on the one posted since I don’t use them

But this is how mine look now


Keep in mind its 50w/sq foot of growing area. With one plant, the footprint of his plant will be smaller than his tent size.

If you keep the plant to 2’x2’ you’d have 33 watts per square foot. A little low but I bet it would work ok. If you could swing 2, you’d probably be happier.


You are correct sir @Matthew420
I must have missed he only had one plant But good point :point_up:


Get that light. By the time you outgrow it, you will be hooked anyway and will be great side light. Remember your first car, all the stuff you just HAD to get for it…lights are like that.


Yeah I’ll definitely look into both, thanks for the suggestions. Now I have a real good idea on where to start and how much wattage I need for the space I have. I figured since I only had one plant I could cheap out and get a lower wattage light and just bring it closer to the plant. Guess I was wrong. lol

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The light you posted will work for your needs and like @bryan said you’ll be hooked by the time you out grow it
I check the light out looks ok :ok_hand: and price is right
And buy a second later if the $ is an issue right now
I’m sure you could complete a full grow with that light


Yeah, I don’t think you were wrong at all. You can always add a couple CFL’s if you think you need a little more light. Cheap money.

But what everyone says is true. I started with 1 900w LED. Then I added a 2nd one. Then I added 4 tubes… Good times!


@Mrgreen3461 keep in mind that that particular light only uses 132 watts, not the 300 in the name. I have 2 MarsHydro 600’s that each use 278 watts. Makes a big difference with the 50 watt per square foot calculation.

Thats true about the lights I have bought two 400 watt hps lights and today I bought a led 600 watt led…The more the better but I thought the led would be easy on my bill .The two 400 watt hps lights cost me about 100 a month to run.My plants a flowering now and the two 400hps cant keep up…Just a thought…

Really that doesn’t sound right to me :thinking:
Not doubting you just saying

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what part Country boy?

That the 2 400 hps cost less to run than 600 led

I am not real good at this typing thing.I know the two 400 watt lights raised my bill around 100 bucks…I dont know what the LED will do…But it should be cheaper…

I just ordered a valispar 600 watt LED…get it in a few days…

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Using ohms law
800watts devided by115 volts gives you 6.9amps power draw
Assuming you 600w LED draw 300 watts you would draw 2.6amps power draw at outlet ?
Just saying it doesn’t add up to me ? No worries though

Ok my bad I was confused :neutral_face:
Sorry bro