First Time Curing

Hello! I just started curing and I’m doing it in mason jars, but I keep finding very different answers on how often and how long I should be burping my jars. If anyone could tell me the right way to do it, I’d really appreciate it.


I burp mine for 15 minutes twice a day for the first week and then once a day the following week. After that only as needed until RH stabilizes at 60%.


Thank you so much, dawg!


Grove Bags take all the guesswork out of it.
Simply dry to approx 65%Rh, manicure if needed and place in the bags. Done.
Also good for long term storage.


So the goal is to try your best to maintain a RH of about 60% in the jars.
There is really no “set way”, thats why you will get so many different answers.
So many different techniques will work as long it dosen’t mold or dry out to much, practice will help you “master it” for the best cure…
Lets say you over dried some a little, then it may never need burbed.
Or you jar some up kinda damp, then it may need burbed more.
Is the nugs super dense or fluffy?
Are the jars packed full or loosely?
Many things effect burping regularity and for how long before shutting them for good…

It’s really something that kinda comes with experience unfortunately :confused:

But Grove bags are not that expensive for what they do.
They take all that away and it’s dry, bag, forget…
Hope that helps my freind :grin:


Ive tried both…I still have some from two years ago in Jars…! From last year and last season in Groves…
To me Groves is better.


I might do this differently than most, guess im old school. I use wide mouth quart mason jars. Dont go bigger, dont go smaller, quart jar filled 3/4 with bud. Now I dont try to hard to micro manage the RH in the jar like some do, may be im lucky but it turns out to be great smoke. I will agree that improvements could be made by dialing in the numbers, but this is what i do.

Wet trim as i go, i grow huge 6’ photos, so i cut a branch trim, hang it while plant keeps growing normal. In a room with a dehumidifier set to 60%

Get a moisture meter and dont guess, even if you go by your gut, measure your gut. Then if later you think its to wet, or to dry you can adjust and not guess if you actually changed or not.

Ive found 11% moisture on the big stem behind the bud and 6% in the bud is about perfect. Clip or the buds should snap off, and when you break it apart in a grinder it shouldnt “tear”.

Place in jars 75% full, you can, but i seem to not need to burp mine and a year later its still fresh :fire:


Thank you for breaking it down and explaining it so well. I appreciate you, dawg

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You can also throw in a green leaf or two to add moisture if you need it.


At 65% i slowly reduce to 63% and test taste a bud, weekly. Monitor with RH meters.
RH mini meters

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