First Grow - When to plant?

So I’m starting again. Last I tried both seeds were duds. Are these ready to be planted or should I give them more time?? One is Hindu Kush amd the other is White Widow.

I have them in the tent, all dark right now in little cups of water. When should I plant and start the lights?

I like to let them sit a bit longer. Maybe half an inch taproot is generally when i plant. But they are fine to go in soil right now. In may 2-3 days you should have a beautiful babygirl.

By now i take them out of the glass and drop them in a paper towel. Damp but not dripping wet. You can check on the taproot better and keep it from exposed light.

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Ok so put them on damp paper towels? And keep them in the dark until I have a 1/2" taproot and then put in soil? The white widow is an auto. Should that go straight into the final pot or should I start with a small cup?

Straight to final pot. N yes. In damp paper towel. Inside two paper plates or some tupppeware. Something to hold humdity decently. Also its best to keep temps warm. 70-80 degrees is perfect for germing seeds. And the more humidity for the starting stages the better

Ok. I moved them to paper towels yesterday but didn’t have them in tupperwear so I’ll move them today.

I was a little medicated when I went to re wet the paper towels and I mixed up the seeds and now I don’t know which is which!!

Uh oh… think slowly. And how many diff seeds?

Just 2. I think I can figure it out based on the photos I originally posted. They’re still in the paper towel and both have grown a bit. Leaving them in there until the taproot is a little longer. Maybe another day or so.

I know that I should put a plastic cup on them when I plant for humidity. How low should the lights be? I have these lights in a 2x2x4 tent.

Id hang those and start maybe 30 inches away :joy::rofl: nice lights from quick glance. Also id start the sprouts (when they sprout) under less intense lighting. And on the seeds dont let them sit too long. Check every 8-12 hrs or so

These are the only lights I have. Will this be too intense for seedlings?

Are these ready to plant yet? One is much longer than the other.

The first one looks good to go! Im pretty sure u want them as close as possible. So either drop both in soil now. Or gove them til later today. Ive noticed the longer the taproot usually the faster she pops from soil. But i never let them grow too much longer then the first pic

@dbrn32 can u help me out with the lighting height recommendation. And mind you he wants to start the seedlings out with the light so i was thinking 30 inches minimum to start.

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I would put the light at top of tent and then just read what they’re doing from there. If you see them stretching lower light down.

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@dbrn32 Won’t they look like they’re stretching at first anyway since they need to grow upward at first? How will I know if they’re stretching when they’re only seedlings?

If the stem gets unreasonably long. Usually they grow roots first, as root system develops you’ll start to see more pronounced growth of the plant. If plant isn’t getting enough energy the stem will extend until it does which usually ends up in it falling over.

I see. Thank you. Will keep an eye on it. I’ll start with the lights high up and then bring them down if necessary. We’ll see how it goes.

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Ok so I’m planting today. Can I use bottled water or does it need to be distilled? I need to re calibrate my PH meter so I ordered PH solution but it won’t be here until tomorrow.

So I’ll use a little bit of bottled water for now and then make sure it’s PH balanced tomorrow. Do I leave the lights on 24 hours for now?

Also, I have Ocean potting soil. I know that can be harsh so do I cut it with peat and coco coir?

one of them is being stingy. Still dont know which is which. ughhh.

Does this look right? I PH balanced the water used for the coco coir. Wet it then mixed it in the soil. I added a little pear and mixed. Put the seed in taproot down. This one had little leaves or something already. Should I cover it with soil or leave the 2 little leaves sticking out? I’m going to leave the other one in the paper towel a little longer.

@dbrn32 This is the current setup. It tends to get warm in there so I put the intake fan that will later be attached to a carbon filter pulling in air from the outside. But it’s making the tent balloon. Is that bad? Should I open a vent? I have the lights as high up as I can get them, put a little water on the seed. The coco coir is also damp. Am I missing anything? I’m trying to not be too fishy about it.

Currently reading 45% humidity and temp is 84F. Not sure how to bring the temp down. I can put an oscillating fan in instead of the intake one. Should I?

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It sounds like your intake fan is putting more air on tent than exhaust is taking out. Or you’re not running exhaust?

It’s definitely bad if you’re worried about scent control. You want to be filtering the smelly air from inside the tent and then exhausting it out of the grow.