Real newbie at white willow

Good afternoon to all,

I am sorry to be a bother as a newbie “I don’t know what I don’t know”. I Have a grow tent , led lights that offer veg and flowering lighting. Also I purchased some soil from Home Depot for seedlings. Does anyone have a simple schedule they can share with me for indoor growing. I have now killed at least 4 seeds. I have read the grow bible and other posts. The problem is there are a thousand ways to grow this. I am a simple person , that can follow commands until I get experience. Please help out this new grower.


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Welcome, @C1roll1smoke1! I have all kinds of questions for you. Great screen name, btw. Mine should’ve been C1smoke1, but I digress. Tell us more about your setup. How big is your tent? Do you have intake, exhaust, and circulation fans? Which LED lights do you have, how many watts, manufacturer, etc.? How high from your plants are they? What method are you using to germinate your seeds? What size pots? How far did they get? What happened? Do you have pictures? We love pictures. Again, welcome to the forum. There’s lots of friendly, experienced folks that will jump on board and help you, seed to smoke :v:


DO NOT USE MIRICLE GROW W/ EXTENDED FEED, and make sure you’re plants have plenty of drainage. Best of luck and welcone to the grow club!


My intent is to have 4 girls to start off with:

These are the following items that I have purchased:

Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light,with Thermometer Humidity Monitor,with Adjustable Rope,Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower- 600W- lighting system.

32"x32"x63" Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with Observation Window, Tool Bag and Floor Tray for Grow Light and Indoor Plant Growing

Growsun 6 Inch 400 CFM Inline Carbon Filter Fan Combo for Grow Tent, Fans Speed Controller and 30 yard Duct Tape and 25-Feet Ducting Included

6" Inline Fan - 240 CFM, Metal Duct Booster Fan, ETL Listed, Pre-Wired 6 FT Grounded Cord - Great For Grow Tent Exhaust and Intake, Register Booster For 6 Inch

Naturecare organic and natural potting mix with water conserve



Rockwool to start seeds in with grow dome

Ph meter

Just ordered 2 1.5 cubic bags of fox farms ocean forest potting soil)

Also Olivia’s cloning solution (this I purchased from local hydrophobic store, owner said this was excellent for seedling growth.

Also purchase ph up and ph down to attempt appropriate PH Level.

I am so past frustrated, I don’t really have experience with growing seeds, but as u can see I am vested and any information and/or instruction would be awesome (please provide on layman’s terms).

With made respect for you pros!!!


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Ate you using a germination method or just putting into the soil, or starting in rockwool

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Have you downloaded Robert’s Grow Bible? Great read, you can get it here: Download the Marijuana Grow Bible

Best of luck, I’m new myself but I do outdoor growing.

Welcome to the forum!

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So I have now tried 3 ways:

First time put them in potting soil1inch deep… this failed for me. They did not grow.

Then I used germination method. 2 of 3 popped little tail. Then I put them in semi wet rockwool. Lasted a couple of days then shriveled up and dead.

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Soak them in a wet paper towel for 48 hrs. Then put them in Seed starter soil keep them watered. Don’t let the soil dry out and don’t flood them with water so they are drowning either. Start there and when they are sprouted and growing post back for the next step. We will get you up and running.


GFDuke I will get on this right now. Thanks for time and patience with this newbie

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How wet was soil? Wet of any kind is bad, you want it moist. I like the KISS method- keep it simple stupid. I put my seeds in Red Solo cups, Jiffy Organic starter medium and about 4 oz water. Mix in cup well (divide evenly between 2 cups to mix properly), compact a little and add until even with line below rim. Take pencil and insert eraser end into dirt up to where metal band and wood meet. Drop seed and cover, spritz top of cup til damp. Take 20 oz clear soda bottle and cut roughly in half, you now have a humidity dome. I placed mine outside in complete shade, 80-90° outside temps. Mine sprouted 3 1/2 days later. Then you wait about a week to transplant into final container, I bury mine up to about 1/4" below the round baby fat leaves. Continue your grow from there. Again, this is my experience and it works well for my outdoor grow. Maybe it can help, maybe not.


Yes @GFDuke has you on the right path . A seed 1" deep seem to far . Try placing your seed about 1/4 " into the seed starter soil . Welcome to ILGM .


Thanks to all who respond and educate. Can’t wait for this to come to fruition. You all are awesome


For all the peeps out there. Just put another 4 seeds into moistened paper towel in a zip lock bag in dark closet. The water that I use in the rockwool, should I ph it down to 6 or 6.5 , or just like it is out of the tap

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I just use tap water, about 2 ounces, with a drop of 3% hydrogen peroxide. I soak mine in a shot glass in the dark 24 hours or until they sink, whichever is first. Then I go straight into a roots riot plug, about 1/4". I just keep the plug moist with 6.5 pH water from a spray bottle and between 75-80°F. Near 100% germination. I have had some that were immature that wouldn’t have done anything, regardless. Where I germinate is generally pretty humid anyway (50+%) but I’ll put them under a dome if it gets below that. And I keep the soil/plug moist enough so that once they’ve sprouted, under the dome, under the lights (I’ll get to those), the humidity that’s drawn out of the soil condensates on the dome without needing to spritz all the time. Two birds with one stone. Your 600 watt grow light probably is more like 125-150, but I can’t find the actual wattage they consume. Regardless, I would get something less intense for your seedlings. They don’t need all that light since they only have a few little leaves. I use clamp on reflectors with LED bulbs, just a 15 watt (“100 watt equivalent”) at first.


Also, I wouldn’t use rock wool because it holds water very well and is easy to overwater. You might just go straight into the soil.


Yes try that method. When saying wet rockwool are you squeezing the excess water out? Sounds like they are dampening off because of over water. Your seed starting soil I would do a presoAK 24hrs prior to planting don’t drown it just get it wet and let it set in your room under a light to keep it warm for seedling. After seed pops tail plant it but only 1/4 in deep and place it tap root down. Get a spray bottle and use only ph adjusted water to mist the seedlings a couple times a day. Keep a humidity dome on them for the first 5 days or so lifting it a couple of times a day to get fresh air in it


i wasnt impressed at first with my white window seeds.started really slow then took off.And as far as killin them off i started10 2 are left.

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Two out of ten ain’t bad. I’ve read of people who’ve lost dozens before having any luck.

well hopin the next 10 do better

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I’m confident that if you’re humble and open to input, you’ll definitely succeed with help from this forum.