When should I put my seedlings in the grow room

I am a first time grower. I am starting with white widow autoflower. My seedlings are about 10 days old. They are starting their second set of leaves after the cotelydons.
I have on order a Vivosun 4x4 grow tent along with a Vivosun 6" inline fan with carbon filter.

I also bought a Mars Hydro TSW 2000.
My questions are when I get the tent setup: when do I put the plants in the tent?
Do I wait till they get to the vegetative phase after the first transplant.
When I put the plants in the tent how far above them should I hang the light? Should I set the light at 25/50/75 or 100%?

I have gotten advice to keep the humidity around 65% and temperatures between 70-77 degrees F. Are these good marks?

Thanks. I very much appreciate any advice I can get.


Looking good so far. I’d put the sprouts in the tent ASAP, I’d start with the light about 2 feet above and at 25 setting, your light is about 300 true watts so 25% of that is plenty for sprouts for the first week or 2, maybe kick it up to 50 after your first transplant, then as it gets bigger kick it up to 75 and 100. 70-77 is fine for temps, 65RH is good for seedlings, want to lower it later, specially while flowering.


Thanks, all that is mostly what I was thinking. Good to know about the rh for later on.

Great chart to use during your grow relating to stage, temps and humidity

Yep I would put them in tent with your light when you have it set up and reasonable dialed in with temps and humidity etc…
Set up tent turn on lights, humidifier or dehumidifier, fans etc and let it run a day or 2 and adjust things as needed to dial it in and then put them in there.

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