First Indoor Grow. I need some advice/help

Hey everyone, I bought a grow tent from a local shop and it’s 40x40x120. I’m using a 80 watt CFL which is the same as a 250 watt. I don’t have a fan yet but Ive ordered a small one off eBay. The temperature in there is around 21-23 degrees Celsius and I water the seedlings once every 24 hours and the light is on a 24 hour schedule. The light is hung around 4 inches from the seedlings. The seedlings are only an inch or two high but are already root bound so I’ll be re potting tomorrow To a 290 mm size pot. The seedlings were germinated in potting soil stupidly -.- but I bought a bag of coco lite and I’m using that as my medium. They are about 2 weeks old now and I’m using Sensi grow part A and B with my water as the bottle says for seedlings. What I guess I’m trying to say is how am I doing and is there anything else I should be doing or not doing??? Also when will I know when my plants are no longer seedlings and when exactly should I flower them (by that I mean height and the little white hairs I think) Thanks heaps guys :)))

Also my tent is 40x40x120 cm lol.

Welcome. It seems like you have most things in order, I can’t think of anything you are specifically missing nor that you are doing anything all that horribly wrong. If you want to grow in a hydro medium, starting in soil isn’t really that bad, just take the usual precautions when transplanting. Some people actually make a mix of organic potting soil with coco, I do it, it seems to help with my root zone health in high temperatures, you just have to be extra careful if you are using some sort of undercurrent or re-circulation system, or if your system has misters or small drip emitters, that the stuff doesn’t plug it up. In a “flood and drain to waist” hydro setup, where you water from the top and let it drain, not very different than feeding a plant in regular potting soil in a pot, you shouldn’t have any problems if the two are mixed.

We discussed much about when you should start flowering in this thread recently:

Thanks heaps for the insight :slight_smile: hopefully these grow into big girls :))) also what so you mean by usual pre cautions? Sorry for all the questions it’s just that I’ve been told so much shit by friends and IDE rather get a proper growers opinion lol. Also what ratio should I make the mix? And what’s the best organic soil. I’m from Australia if that helps. And I’m just feeding and watering from the top but I have a drainage container under the pot aswell.

The usual precautions while transplanting are avoiding damaging the roots, don’t take too long and let your roots dry out during the transfer to the larger container, ya’ know the usual stuff…

Oh, and check your local nurseries or what ever is recommended at your local big box gardening store as to what is a good quality soil for fruits and vegetables, amend it well with perlite, and you should be good to go. Keep track of your PH and keep it between 5.5 - 6.5 and you can feed with what ever nutrient you like, keeping the NPK ratios in propper proportions for vegetative growth vs, bloom/flower, or you can look into our recommended

to add to your regular watering/feeding schedule.

Oh yes Thankyou.
I transferred them today and I have them a good water with the Sensi grow nutrients Part A and B. They looked a little root bound and I stupidly watered them before transplanting. We’ll in other words I watered them about an hour before I transplanted them. Will that do much damage? Also if there is any other helpful hints or tips you could give me that would be awsome :slight_smile:

If the plants aren’t showing a lot of droopiness from “transplant shock” you are totally fine.

I’m gathering you are looking things up or reading about somethings kinda after the fact or you forgot or something? While it is better to transplant while the medium and roots are on the kinda drier side of things, it’s not that big a deal as long as you didn’t break a lot of roots or any major big ones near the central tap root or the tap root itself.

Look around the forum at things that catch your eye and if you have anymore questions, feel free to come back and ask. I can’t think of any basics we didn’t kinda cover and I don’t know what you don’t know yet, and as you don’t know what you don’t know yet either, you don’t know what to ask, so go forth and grow and learn and read and learn and when you find that thing that you need some help with, and maybe I can be that help, I’ll be here, lol.

I’m in a goofy mood, I think I need to go to bed, see ya in about 8 hours ILGM community, ha ha.

Wow thanks heaps for all this :slight_smile: I will keep in touch if I have anymore questions. I actually have one more quick one. Humidty? I just need to know the levels for each stage and how best/cheapest to control them.
Thankyou heaps. I’m actually using seeds I bought from you guys so I have a lot of faith in a really good yield off my indoor grow :slight_smile:

Making sure dry fresh air is replacing stagnant air is the easiest and usually cheapest way to keep humidity low. Try to not let it get much above 60% relative humidity, and it can be very very dry, most cannabis loves arid environments, the desert mountains of southern Mexico or similar desert like conditions in Columbia or even the Hindu Kush mountains, all high desert arid areas with moderate temperatures during Autumn when the plants would flower and then be harvested. High humidity can also contribute to stretching and lighter more “airy” buds or worse case scenario, the dreaded bud rot. Clones and seedlings need it to be mildly humid depending on how you propagate, but as long as the medium is staying moist, the air can also be pretty dry. I personally do not use humidity domes for cloning nor for germinating seeds, I use a home made “bubble-ponics”, or pretty much a mini deep water culture system with 2.5 inch net pots with a small rockwool or jiffy peat plug in the bottom of the net pot with a light proof cover for seeds and/or neoprene foam collars to hold the clone stems or to just block the light above the seed’s growing medium plug. This keeps thing plenty moist I don’t seem to need humidity domes and this reduces chances for mold/fungus rot.

Okay thanks heaps for that.
Also I’m running an 80watt spiral compact fluorescent and I was wondering what height I should keep it from the plants and how do I raise the temp though? We’ll cheap and effiently, because the humidty is at around 56-61. So that’s fine for now.

The light should be able to get as close as a few inches, as close at it feels comfortable to back or your hand or the inside of your forearm, kinda like testing a baby’s bottle.
Your temperature range is fine, 21c (69.8F) - 26c (78.8F) is darn near ideal, 24c - 26C is about ideal in most instances indoors, and your lower temp is fine as well, there is nothing wrong with a low temp of 21*c.
Humidity can get as high as about 65% usually without much problems, especially if well ventilated and a breeze across the plants, but I like it below 60% if I can help it. But during flower i would try and keep it well below 60% if at all possible to be sure to avoid bud rot.

Awsome thanks for that. Been trying to keep it under control.

Also haha another question sorry.
When do I do it? And how exactly do it do it?

Also I’m planning to use the same tent for flowering stage which is only 1.2m high. And my light uses about 15cm of that plus the 290mm high pot. So about 895mm I’ve got to work with.

Also if you have any other ideas for maximising your yield that would be awsome. I’ve heard of some but I don’t know how to do it at all.

Oh sorry and once last thing what’s the cheapest and most easiest ones to set up?

Hey one of my babies is showing a little bit of yellow on a couple of the top leaves. Long much little lines about 2mm thick. Was just wondering if it had anything to do with my nutrients because it’s supposed to be a perfect balance mix?

What is your PH?

I’m going to test it today but I was just wondering if there was anything else it could be.