Final flush and trichromes

I am nearing the end of my first harvest and I have a few questions. What should I be looking for when I start final flush? All cloudy? When it first ambers? I just don’t want to make a mistake and flush early after all this time !!

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When you say flush, do you mean a true flush or discontinue nutrients and use ph water only?


What’s the difference between a true flush and no nutes and ph water? I thought that was a flush.

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A flush is large volumes of water to either remove excess nutrients or to wash out any existing nutrients. Discontinuing nutrients provides for a transition period and is a little more forgiving if timing is off. I use this method.


The amount of amber is what determines how far down the road you want to go. Sooner means more light and uplifting buzz, wait longer and more amber, the more sluggish and intense the buzz will be, it’s higher in THC when early and more CBN when waiting longer, both are essential for a good buzz, it just depends on the strain and where you want to be, try a sample early on so you have something to gauge by, but not too early, that’s just premature and a waste.

As far as “flush” I change my nutrient formula from higher P to lower P, lower N at the end, and half strength at the very end, to finish it at the very very end (last couple days) I give it water adjusted with sulfuric acid instead of phosphoric acid.
That’s my own preference according to my interpretation of a plant’s nutritional needs.

BTW; this is hydroponic I’m talking about, soil is entirely different, the soil needs time to release nutrients so the end is done with water that has less or no nutrients.


I’m talking about the final flush the last 1-2 weeks before harvest. Or should it not be a total flush and just give plain water?

And I understand the whole trich color and different types of high. Say I want to chop with 20%ish amber. What should the trichromes look like when I stop using nutes for me to get to that. Maybe start when I see the first signs of amber?

I prefer the gradual approach of just using water. 20% amber is about what I look for too, possibly a little lower. The process will continue during drying. Now if we only had a crystal ball that clearly tells us when the timing is perfect. If I error, which I do, I prefer taking it earlier rather than later.


@beardless great sound advice!

Couldn’t agree more on the flush over true flush. Reducing to water only (distilled, ro or a good filtered) and allowing the plant to use the nutrients will give you a better finish. Less stress always leads to great success

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Thank you all very much ! I will try the gradual approach instead of a true flush since it seems more forgiving and this will be my first harvest. Amazing experience and you all are a god send on this forum <3<3

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One more thing. Can I still use molasses during these final two weeks or should I cut out everything ?

I will try to squeeze it in at the beginning of the “cleansing”. Good source of Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. Then clear water after that.
Are you close or laying out the game plan?

Yeah this tues starts week 8 of flower so I’m getting there :slight_smile:

You can check this out. I am just a little over a week ahead of you. Today is day 62 of 12/12

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That’s awesome. Am looking at it now but had to stop when I saw took over a small bathroom for veg. I did the same exact thing and have the next ready to go when these are done.

Or… water only and for the last few days… nuthin’ no water just let her dry out before harvest. You dont want a plant full of water anyway do you?

Beauty of being empty nester?

Yes I am. I don’t know why I didn’t start doing this earlier. I’m guessing I have about two weeks left on one and three left on the other. Can’t wait to have the first done.

I just started a white widow and jack herer both autos. Also, 5 AK47 photos. The autos will stay up there while 4 of the AK47 will go into tent. After the NL finish, the tent gets a thorough cleaning and new carbon filter which I am going to move outside of the tent along with the fan. I want to be able to grow 3’ + plants rather than 2’ plants.