Northern Lights First Photo Grow - Flower

The last update to my journal Northern Lights First Photo Grow was 5/27. Having to create this thread because of picture upload problems all of us are experiencing.
The key event is on 6/1 I changed to 12/12 light schedule (day 55). Since 5/27 I have trimmed / pruned out the bottom 1/3 vegetation and minor LST to spread the branches out.
plant #5

#3 #1 #2 pistils
Group picture
I put this rack in this morning. Hoping it makes pulling runoff samples easier
I switched from well water to rain water collected off the garden’s shed roof Its PPM is only 5
I have given them a couple preventative doses of CalMag. Also, two one gallon watering with 2 TBS of blood meal tea. The second time I added 2 TBS of Humiv/Fulvic acid concentrate. They also received their first Fox Farm Trio nutrients at 50%
A finally, the 4 PLC photo boost strips have been added to the tent. They are set at about 75-80%. This PLC’s new heat sink form and was the cause of my issues of finding the right size square nut to fit the slot.
I didn’t want the driver in the tent The POT has been attached at the wagos. The last addition to the tent, in anticipation of warmer summer weather, is a TerraBloom intake fan. It can significantly increase the air movement in the tent.
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Looking good so far…:+1:

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Look at your garden yard that is so damn cute!!
Loving the photos :grin:

Another garden just below the structure previously pictured. That is a northern lights photo from a week ago I didn’t have room for in the tent. She now has company. I just put 3 jack herer autos with her. My original plan was to load it up with 8 or 10 white widow and JH autos. Plans changed.
The open ground has watermelon and cantaloupe. Below that zinnia, cosmos, snapdragon flowers I started. It is not totally rabbit proof so I will see what survives.

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@beardless I like the your garden it looks great

Thanks Here is another angle

onions in another plot Don’t go any where outside without them


Looking great Beardless!

@beardless everthing looks good got animal :hedgehog: problem?

Rabbits and deer love fresh garden vegetables.
The black dog tangled with a skunk last week. It wasn’t his first time.

Lol that’s funny beardless

@beardless you got a green house? Great you lucky than you outside for summer?

No greenhouse. Just the gardens and a 4x8x5’ 3 season cover. More for camouflage if I need to cover it. It is the one with the frame above.